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N64 on Surface Book


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Hi All,

I have LaunchBox and BIg Box loaded up on my Surface Book (i5 2.4GHZ, 8GB RAM) and today I loaded up N64 via RetroArch (Mupen64 - can't seem to find Glupen64) and it is skipping like crazy and is incredibly slow.

This can't be because my laptop is too slow can it? Is it related to Creators Update? Do any of you have RetroArch running N64 on an i5 Surface Book?

Seems crazy that it would have these issues...

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Mupen64plus is the same core that was Glupen64, there was a little bit of a rename shuffle that took place a short time ago. A 2.4 GHz CPU does seem to be a tad low for N64 emulation (especially "good" N64 emulation)but I also have zero experience with i5 CPUs so take that guess with a big dose of salt.

Try out a stand alone version of Mupen or even Project64 2.3 and see how those perform on your system.

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Yes, 2.3 is fine though you will want to edit the Project64.cfg file found in the Config folder of your Project64 install folder. You will want to make sure that Run Count= is set to -1

[Support Project64]
Run Count=-1

Otherwise you could encounter some nag screens after loading the emulator so many time. But all the adware bullshit that was included in the previous releases has been removed.

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