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MAME to Demul Rom Copier (MAME .184 & demul07a_180816)

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MAME to Demul Rom Copier (MAME .184 & demul07a_180816)

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So Derek (@DOS76), originally posted these scripts, and I saw that they were not copying over all of the files for these systems, and that there were now some errors thrown in. So I updated all of the scripts to include name changes, newly added games, and now the Naomi GD and Naomi GD2 scripts also copy over CHD files.

Required Files:

1. These scripts obviously.
2. MAME .184b and demul07a_180816
2. A MAME .184 split or non-merged rom set. Searching mame dome of pleasure helps. (Non-merged is suggested for the best compatibility, even though it's much larger).
3. A MAME .184 CHD pack. This is optional, but the Naomi GD and Naomi GD2 games will either not run correctly or at all. The CHD pack only comes as "merged".

How to Use:

1.Download the zip
2. Extract the contents of the zip to a folder (like your Demul folder).
3. Move the scripts (.bat) files to your MAME .184 roms folder.
4. Run each of the scripts 1 by 1, and when the script is done it will ask you to press a button to close the Windows Command Prompt.
5. It will create new folders, sorted to the top of your current view; These folders begin with _ so they move to the top.
6. Move those folders to a location of your choosing so that you can import them in to LaunchBox.
6.5 Make sure to set the "Scrape As" option for these platforms all to Arcade (Will automatically pop up during import when you type in a non-default System name) and check the box "Force using MAME Metadata" (That box is on the final screen with the rest of those check boxes). Remember, these are all Arcade MAME Games, so all of their metadata will be in there.
7. Make sure to also tell Demul where your MAME roms are located for parent and dependency reasons. You can add this in the Plugins and Bioses options menu in Deuml, pictured below.


The Systems this script will copy games for:

Naomi 2
Naomi 2 GD
Sammy Atomiswave

This script uses 2 commands, copy and xcopy, and I can only promise that it will work on Operating Systems that LaunchBox supports (Windows 7, Windows 8 / 8.1 and Windows 10 currently).

If you have any questions, leave a comment on the download page or the thread. I will also post Derek's original script for the version of MAME he edited them for. To clarify, his scripts work on a older version of MAME and Demul.



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