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Help (please), Retroarch nightly killed audio!


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Hi guys, 

So I just updated Retroarch to the latest nightly, and now everything I play (in RA of course) is missing sound! I've been through the GUI and turned it off > saved config > reloaded > turned on > saved confgi > reload etc.

I updated using Stellar, and of course didn't backup my config (given that it's vanilla with no customizations anyway) - and also dont' really know how to undo an update :) 

Anyone else had this behavior from the latest nightly? and anyone able to give me the bullet points on how to roll back?


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I have not touched the latest nightlies at all, I am still using the stable release so all I can tell you is to double check your audio driver in RA and the volume.

I don't know of any easy rollback feature or method other than grabbing a fresh 1.5.0 stable build and start fresh with it.

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So, I grabbed the 1.5.0 stable (just the exe and debug exe) and it works again :) No idea if that's the correct way to do it... but I simply cut the new executables into my existing folder and everything works fine.

I wouldn't be surprised if I run into hiccups later, but I can always do a fresh install then if needed.

So yeah... beware the latest nightly! Prior to updating I was running a nightly from about 4 days ago and everything was good... so they may have changed something very recently that played with the audio.

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Just now, RetroHumanoid said:

are you using windows? if so,have you checked to see if windows isnt muting the program at startup? alt+tab out of retroarch while its running and check your sound levels from the icon in the taskbar

I am, and it wasn't :) but thanks for the suggestion

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Every once in a while, a Nightly will have some issues. Going back a day or two or waiting for a day or two for the next nightly usually solves that problem for me. I never cut and paste my old configs, I always copy and go forward, just in case something did go wrong and I have to go back and then wait a few days. It's just like our Betas, for the most part everything is fine, but every once in a while something happens and that beta ends up being no good.

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