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Super Rare Sega Game Dump inquiry - does anyone have this gem of a Sega CD 32X game?


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My understanding is that although " "Surgical Strike 32X was never released it was only ever made into a standard CD game the 32X expantion for it, never got released though was due for release in 1995"" it may have still been released in Brazil....so there is a chance...

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21 minutes ago, SentaiBrad said:

I removed that post about the pre-order. Please don't advertise selling products on our forums, and there is zero way to authenticate that. I warn anyone to not purchase anything regarding repro's or a rom, especially because it's most likely illegal.

Sorry by that.


If its ok, i want to clarify that we are having zero profit with this. Also, the iso of the game will be available for download as well.


This is a homage to the game and the 32X history. Since the Trademark of Surgical Strike is dead, and only two copies of the original game are known to exist, we thought the 32X community would appreciate it. We are 32X collectors as well, who were looking forever for a copy of Surgical Strike. Now that we finally get a hold of it, we fell the need to share this with everybody.


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And part of that is totally fair, especially if the license really does not belong to someone. We still need to be a bit protective on that front, and we're not going to take the time to research after the fact. I need to make sure our forums are safe first and foremost, so I hope you understand. I appreciate ripping and releasing rare games for free. There are jerks out there who want to crowdsource FOR the release of the rom. They already have it, tease it, but would rather people pay them first. In some cases, they certainly don't own the license and that could very easily be seen as illegal. In this case, license is null and void, I don't see any problem of talking about it or leaking out to it. Advertising is something else we'd need to talk about.

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