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I'm Back! - Oh god what's happening with the issue tracker?

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Hi guys,

I'm back. Had to leave due to some unforeseen personal issues, but that's all taken care of now. I still love you guys, and LaunchBox.

In any case, here's what's happening now:

1) I'm currently consolidating the issues on the DB issue tracker so as to make managing new issues feasible for me (and not immensely time consuming. I'm just one guy! ;), so, if you see that I've closed your issue and/or marked it as a duplicate, don't worry, I'm not out to get you personally :). My main focus for the next little while will be to stabilize the database and improve its performance. Hence, most feature requests / minor interface issues will be put on hold until I get through the major problems. (In essence, gotta get the engine turnin' properly before we make the car pretty.)

2) First thing I'm taking care of are the throngs of "internal server errors" that have been popping up everywhere these last couple months. I'm glad that the "Skip" button has allowed some people to bypass them, but wow, they're everywhere. I'm currently consolidating all the bug reports into issue 261 as it's the first I came upon while parsing through the issues, so no worries about issue 220 or the votes on it, it's still my top priority :).

P.s. R.I.P. Jason's Beard. Ye shall be missed.

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