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Amazon dropping their unlimited plan. Panic mode! Help find a new unlimited backup solution.

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1 hour ago, ALIE said:

 and its not possible to just browse backed-up files and pic what ever i want to restore?

Yes you can - you login to your account on Backblaze, go to "View/Restore files", select the files/folders you want to restore and tell it to restore.

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I always use a promo code and renew early to get 2 or more months free. ;)

I haven't used Backblaze for a couple years but much prefer Carbonite's restore options.

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Might be a little bit of a biased post too, but BackBlaze does some really amazing blog posts on various industry, company and world stuff related to their function.


Their quarterly drive reliability posts are the data I needed to know I wasn't crazy about the whole Seagate drive thing. I thought I just kept getting bad units until I read those reports. Granted, they ride their drives HARD, but it's a good way to see 5 year use projections in 4-8 months.

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