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Game & Watch/ Retroarch games not loading

Happy Horus

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So I've followed this tutorial meticulously a few times 



, and still cannot get the games to load when clicking play.

They DO WORK if I go into Bigbox/Game/Retroarch/Load Content....


The only difference is my Retroarch is v 1.6.0 , but the tutorial is for 1.2.2 and there is no option to do at 4:58 "turn on configuration per-core"


Many thanks in advance

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Can you post a couple of screenshots of your Retroarch emulator windows in Launchbox ?

The Edit Emulator window and the Associated Platforms tab of that window specifically. If your games are loading within Retroarch on its own outside of Launchbox the chances are you have something setup incorrectly in these windows.

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Yes please.

Also, have you set your games to work with the Retroarch emulator ? Just checking the "default emulator" box doesn't set that, that is only for importing purposes.

if you can right click a game and edit and get me a screenshot of the emulation tab that would help.


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Yeah you are doing it incorrectly.

To change your emulator for your Genesis games you can either change one or you can use the "bulk edit" tool to change them all.

For testing purposes just right click a game and edit, then in the emulation tab like in the screen shot I posted before change it to Retroarch and then try and load the game.

Right now I am seeing some weirdness that looks way off to me.

The 2 paths I highlighted with orange are different.Screenshot_4.jpg.db65edc3dbf28c19173077f6fd8597d6.thumb.jpg.aec0508eb89df1b0f7fb1c92b4b4ac28.jpg

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 no, I have just duplicated the retroarch to see if it was because it was on an external hd that it wasnt working. Either way it doesn't work for Game and Watch or Spectrum. I would actually prefer to use Kega Fusion for genesis, so is it necessary I change it?

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It's not necessary to change it, I was only suggesting to change it for one game for testing purposes to help me narrow down the possible causes for your problem. Though having said I personally would suggest Retroarch with the Genesis GX core over Fusion but that is just my personal preference.

Hmm, ok so your Retroarch does work for Genesis. That rules out what I was just thinking about your ANYTHING TO DO WITH GAMING folder and how you have it named with all those spaces. But since your Genesis does work with that same folder name that isn't the issue.

The fact that it is a custom platform doesn't matter. As long as the platform name in LB matches with the associated platform for the emulator match up and the command line parameter isn't messed up it should work.

If you right click a game in your Game and Watch platform is the option to load Retroarch in the menu ? and if so does Retroarch actually load ?

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Yes, that's how I'm ale to go into Retroarch and actually load the game from there.


What are your views on that step missing from Retroarch 1.6 that the video refers to in Retroarch 1.2 I mentioned in my 1st post. Then again Sega Genesis loads. It seems specific to certain platforms.

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1 minute ago, Happy Horus said:

Is there evidence Game and Watch and Spectrum worked in the past?

I honestly don't know since those are 2 systems I have never messed with before so I don't know if they would need any extra command line parameters like some of the consoles going through the Mame core such as the Atari 5200.

From my experience if you are able to just load a core and then load content through Retroarch on its own it works just fine through Launchbox as long as your command line parameter and platform name is correct which it looks like it is from what you are telling me and showing in your screen shots.

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