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Game & Watch/ Retroarch games not loading

Happy Horus

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@Happy Horus Sega Genesis I do have working using Retroarch core. As for Spectrum I do not have the system loaded at all. 

Here are images from my edit game and manage emulator. Mind that you named your platform different, but as long as how you named it matches how the platform links in the emulators tab it should not matter.


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Thankyou @Retro808 but I did follow the tutorial meticulously. 

The difference is your screenshots are not what the tutorial is about. He avoids the Nintendo Game and Watch platform and creates a custom Game And Watch platform. 

That's exactly why I thought was creating the non-play problems.

But as the standard Spectrum doesn't work either, it's obviously not this issue.

Remember this works for me if I use retroarch with Genesis.

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@neil9000 thankyou so much. I'm feeling like a right idiot now. Usually my OCD gets me through these things but must be failing with age. 


I noticed that the spectrum did have the correct libretro spelling with an "R", so was thinking I'm going give the forum guys something else to think about.

But I forced myself to be a little bit more observant and saw the default Sinclair Zx Spectrum command line "mess_libretro.dll" is being downloaded as "fuse_libretro.dll" , and so made the appropriate change...

All is well,

thankyou all for your help!

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