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Dual screens and big box intro videos


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So glad I brought Big box so much easier than mucking around with emulationstation and hyperspin and rocket launch and so on.

My next noob question as i'm now mucking around with themes and what not I decided to have a look at intro videos as I think they are a amazing addition.

My main issue however is everything I have is set to my screen 2 (big box, retroarch, dolphin, and so on) as it's my 35" TV.

However any intro video I run including the default big box startup logo all appear on screen 1 is there anyway to change this. I know it opens VLC to run but had no luck seeing if I could default to screen 2.

Thanks again for any help.

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I now know how to force VLC to a second screen however I don't think the VLC.cfg file is even used.

As a test I deleted it and it just recreated itself it is just an example config file which i believe isn't used as everything within it is just #coments and no actual configuration.

The only way to change it is to find out how vlc is being commanded to run on start

I presume somewhere is a line of code similar to the following (will be different for each install and so on):

Something coded beforehand to check is Startup.mp4 exists then


"F:\Emulators\LaunchBox\VLC\vlc.exe” –started-from-file “F:\Emulators\LaunchBox\Videos\Startup.mp4” –start-time=0 -f  "

All that would need to be added would be "-directx-device=\\.\DISPLAY2" to force it to display two but I have had no luck finding it im guessing its hardcoded into the .exe

If anyone knows anything else i'm missing help would be amazing.

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10 hours ago, DOS76 said:

I would try configuring it in standalone vlc then copy that config into LB

Had a look no luck did a vlc config that forces to 2nd screen copied across no dice. I believe - commands override the config file

10 hours ago, shinra358 said:

you can use the buildt in ahk to stretch the vid to the 2nd monitor or place the vid on the 2nd monitor for now.

With the build in AHK i only see settings for dosbox scummvm and windows, Nothing for scrips for on opening big box

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Man after much trial and error (could find nearly sweet FA easy to understand guides)

I have managed to get this to work with the following AHK script

Script to force Intro Video To left Screen

Run "F:\Emulators\LaunchBox\bigbox.exe" 
sleep, 2000
SetTitleMatchMode, 2
WinActivate Startup.mp4
Send {Esc}
Send #{Left 3}
sleep, 1000
Send {f}

With line breakdown

Runs my Big box install
Waits 2 seconds (for VLC to load)
Sets Title Match Mode of AHK to 2 meaning A window's title can contain WinTitle anywhere inside it to be a match
Tells AHK what to look for in the windows title
Press ESC to force VLC out of fullscreen
Press Windows button + left arrow key 3 times (To ensure it is on the left screen)
Wait 1 second as sending the next cmd too quickly would bug
Press F to maximise VLC

Once I had sorted that I decided to add PCSX2 (which also does not have a screen selection option)


added the following to ahk settings in launchbox emulation screen bit more basic as PCSX2 forces its emulation screen to be the active window (Which vlc doesn't)

Script to force PCSX2 to left screen

sleep, 4000  
Send !{Enter}
Send #{Left 3}
Send !{Enter}

breakdown again

Wait 4 seconds

Alt+Enter exit fullscreen

Windows button + Left Arrow three times

Alt+Enter again for full screen

I know there is probably a more advance way to get it to work but forcing key inputs seemed the quickest and easiest to get working.


Edit - Spelling yey for dyslexia.

Edited by Eldith
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