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Yesterday I submitted 5 mini games based sci1.1 engine to the gamesdb. I used the handy "add games to DB" plug-in written by @UnderwoodNC.

These games are Mini-games based on the various franchises sierra had in 1992.  and these are all playable in through scummvm. (and dos)
However I found out that internally LB has a mini-games genre present but the gamesdb does not. so the script paused and when i wanted to mend the situation, the script continued, and filled out the most top genre that was presented in the dropdown list

So my question is, could a mini-games genre be added to the gamesdb so I can mend the error?

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I PM 'd vlansix regarding DB bulk entries. Thus far I have not received an answer, So I will post it here.

the ScummVm platform on the DB is non exsistent. I have a complete set of compatible games including the latest entries.

However, lots of those game games have been matched from the DB but their mapped to either MS-DOS or Windows or APPLE II, and I wonder.
1. those games that have been matched to the DB,
a. if I wanted to add game to DB will it update the current id
- I suspect it will
- If it does I need to break the current mapped ID
b. will it create a new instance of the game based on the platform
c. will it simply append the platform to entry.

2. Can I even do a bulk submission, or will the plug in break.

3. If I synchronise my collection to the LB Cloud, can these be transported to the LB games DB.
a. This could a cool feature where a user could flag his synched collection for Database submission or a sort of "sharing" option. klopjero shared his database with you, do you accept?

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1. I honestly don’t know how the games will exactly act in this case because I never tried it out myself (and I guess none of the other mods and helpful users around here either since nobody has responded yet). My guess is that your games don’t change if you simply scrape for missing metadata and artwork and that you would need to completely re-scrape the metadata for the games in questions. But that’s just a hunch.


2. Unfortunately I can’t help you with that either. You should always ask the plugin creators if you have questions or need help regarding their plugins (same goes for themes, etc. as well)


3. The LB cloud feature is broken since a few versions and wasn’t fixed yet since almost none of the users seemed to care about it. All it does is just marking all the the games you have in your local LB installation as “owned” in your LBDB account (and of course, only the games that also have an actual entry in the LBDB). It doesn’t upload/sync any metadata or your whole Data folder.


You can post any smaller feature suggestions you have for the database here:


For bugs and bigger suggestions you should use the database BitBucket site:



With that said: The database has sadly become the red-haired stepchild since @Vlansix has started to work on the new upcoming 3D engine and I REALLY hope that this changes once he is done with it because it needs A LOT of work atm.

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