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Hi everyone

I was wondering if anyone knows a thing or two about Launchbox with Bluemsx. 

I can launch a Bluemsx through Launchbox no problems but was wondering if a command exists to automatically type in MSX basic. For example is it possible to add a RUN "THISGAME.BAS",R or whatever command a game needs to launch so it automatically starts without having to type? A sort of config file command if you will.

For example I am trying to launch a game using:

blueMSX.exe -diskA "C:\Program Files (x86)\blueMSX\Games\ktyme.dsk"  RUN "KTYME.BAS"


Does anyone know if this is possible?

Thanks in advance for reading.

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It might be possible to do what you are asking but I really cannot say for sure due to the fact I have pretty much zero experience using Bluemsx aside from installing it to get the "Machines" folder for use with Retroarch.

However you can do some extra stuff using the "Use Custom Command-Line Parameters" in the Launcher tab when you right click and edit a game. For example loading up dual disk games for the X68000 using Mess requires some extra command line stuff on a per game basis to tell it to load the 2nd disk at the same time.

For Castlevania this is what I would have to put in for the custom command line:

x68000 -flop1 %romfile% -flop2 "H:\Emulation\Roms\X68000\Akumajou Dracula (1993)(Konami)(Disk 2 of 2).dim"


Looking what you got and what you want the first thing I would try is something like this:

-diskA %romfile%  RUN "KTYME.BAS"

Just keep in mind though this is just me taking a semi educated guess and I do not know at all if it would work exactly that way or if it could work at all.

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Hi Lord, thanks for your reply. I tried what you suggested but didn't work. I appreciate your help on this. I will try messing around and if I get anywhere I will reply here so others might make use of it. 

I would love to set this up on my parents laptop (as they find all the commands very hard to understand) so they can play their old favourites. 

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I second @spycat

I have bluemsx set specfically for MSX2 (since all of my MSX games run under MSX2) and use the following command line parameters in LaunchBox

/fullscreen /rom1

/fullscreen /diskA

I actually set bluemsx up as an emulator twice: Once for ROM games and once for DISK games and don't use the %romfile% parameter




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