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[Request] Feature - Theme Video Overlays


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the idea here is to make our video's look better, easier. 

lets say youve got a video you want to include in your Big Box for a game (using my own personal example here because its the game Im currently playing), lets say Growlanser Heritage of War.

you record your video, it looks nice, but you dont really know how/have the programs needed to make it into one of those super nice "Theme" video's that some others are making here.

No Problem! Find a fanart background you like, stick the video right into it, automatically give the video a border (like the one in CZ2) so it looks nice, and you're done!


So, what do I mean when I say all this? Well here's a screenshot of a typical "theme" video found on this forum.


Note: the foreground image (overlay) doesnt move at all, its completely static. The only moving part of this video is the Generic gameplay footage on the top Right corner.

wouldnt it be easier to just let people make their own Generic Gameplay footage and pick an image similar to this and the video outputs to it.


So lets say youve got an image (like the one above) and where the Top Right Box is, its just Transparent. So it would play the video on the layer Under the Image (I assume using Z-indexing???)


Thoughts? (Im not sure I did a good job explaining this, but I hope you all understand)

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