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PC/Windows 3D Box Pack (2868)


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PC/Windows 3D Box Pack (2868)

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*These are available through Emumovies Sync and have also been uploaded to the LaunchBox Database. 

This is a collection of 2868 3D PC Game boxes I have made. A games list is attached. Many of the triple A games and collections are covered to the best of my knowledge (Call of Duty, Tom Clancy's, Battlefield collections etc...) There are also a lot of games that may be from country's like Brazil or may not be well known or children's games but I made boxes for them anyway because who knows when someone somewhere might actually want that particular game so why not cover as much ground as possible. I used the highest resolution available and paid for the privilege however sometimes even at the highest resolution the covers may not be scanned in properly and that was all that was available.

If you find my work of use could you please consider donating to my Patreon found here: https://www.patreon.com/RobinLevingstone


3D Box List PC .txt

set.png.3e3b1c6c2a4079df78ca96ed39788795.pngif a game you are looking for is not listed here try my Steam Covers that can be downloaded here:

Also I include a tutorial showing how to make these boxes




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Only seeing this now lads as @neil9000 tagged me in it. I figured I would post them individually as most people have a massively different taste when it comes to PC games and there are so many. but I will zip them up and post them in a few minutes. as for the template. you certainly can have it @Styphelus it's a bit messy but I'll pm you with instructions etc.

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18 minutes ago, neil9000 said:

Options are always good though @Levo_Stone individual for peeps who like to pick and choose, a giant zip for the rest of us. you can add both to the same download. :). 

Ah I know it's just a bit of a pain if I add new covers I have to update the zip file as well.

I have sent you the template and action file @Styphelus with instructions. 

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Just thought I would let you guys know You can download my Action file for making these boxes here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AjLLoveKEdv4g5l585qq7fkzkU5OAA    

Just note that you need to use full size covers with this set of actions and its best used in a batch. you may have a problem with the odd cover here and there depending on where you got them from but just do those odd ones manually and not in batch mode. also please make sure your Photoshop color settings are correct if you have any major problems. Oh and I'm using Photoshop CC 2015, I'm sure the action file will work in other versions too.

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Thanks for making these Robin. I downloaded your action file and used it in element 15 seems to work for the most. Part however some action couldn't run. Also not sure in what order to run them in im not sure who to add the images or what size images to add. Do you have a YouTube tutorial or could I get the instructions you gave a few of the other members?  Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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@Madtown28 I wont make a YouTube tutorial that would take too long but I can give you a few pointers. I assume when you say element 15 you mean Photoshop CC 2015.

Firstly the size of the image does not matter as long as the cover is a full size cover not just the front of the cover, this way you will get the spine art so the finished cover is complete. The size does not matter as PART ONE of the action file resizes it anyway and outputs your resized file. Make sure your color settings are the same as in the second post here as this will stop a lot of errors:  https://www.flickr.com/groups/58184182@N00/discuss/72157594340987222/

If you have problems with PART 1 try batch converting all your files to .jpegs before running them through my action file as this often solves a lot of errors. Just open a file, Then open your actions window and then start recording a new action and save it as a .jpeg and then stop recording. now you have a new action that you can use to batch convert your files to jpeg.

The next thing is the SAVE Parameter of PART 2, If you look at the PART 2 list of actions it performs you will see a SAVE action at the bottom as it is the last action in the list. You are best to delete this SAVE action and Record a new one to make sure Photoshop saves where you want the finished cover to save to. This is easy enough open up any file and then record saving the file where you want. Make sure you save as a .PNG and the option "Save as copy" is unchecked. Saving as a .PNG is important here as this will allow for the cover to have a transparent background with no white border around it.

Here is a simple trick I use if I sometimes still get "- copy" added to the name of the finished cover. I don't know why this happens I have pulled my hair out trying to fix it but if this happens a quick run through a separate program found here  https://www.1-4a.com/rename/download.htm will fix it. This program is a simple file renamer and takes a second to fix the files.

And that's it. I'm no Photoshop expert but I hope the above helps. If you have anymore questions feel free to ask.


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Hi @Robin55, I have four 3D Box request if that's OK, they are the only four I am missing in my windows platform. :) 

Aqua Kitty Milk Mine Defender


Destiny 2


South Park The Fractured But Whole


Nex Machina


No worry's if you can't, just thought I'd throw them out there. And thanks again for all these 3D Boxes they really are appreciated. :) 

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7 hours ago, Robin55 said:

Hey @neil9000 Got three of them done so far. Unfortunately their are no full covers for these online and good quality artwork is hard to find so for two of them I had to use a template, I'm quite tired right now so I'll do the South Park one later.

Aqua Kitty.png

Destiny 2 (2).png

Destiny 2.png

Nex Machina.png

These are perfect, thanks so much for doing these, and so quickly also. :) 

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