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Looking for 2 Platform Logos


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Hi All,

I am looking for 2 platform logos that I cannot seem to find.

I am looking for Commodore 64 and Microsoft MSX2+.

I don't use ring logos or anything like that, just normal clear logos. The only c64 one I can find is neon and I cannot seem to find any MSX2+. If anyone has these I would love a copy.

Thank you!

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Sorry for not understanding both your requirements. I have attached two C64 logos, svg and png versions, and one Sharp X68000 svg file.

I think I have C64 clear logos around here somewhere (over 3000 of them). I just have to find the files. I haven't integrated C64 as of yet into my Launchbox installation.

I MIGHT have MSX2 files as well, but again, will have to look. None of the clear logo files will be svg though. I only have png logo files.




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  • 5 years later...

Hello ghost posts of the internet.

Mr. Dan Patrick Has done the unthinkable. He has researched and spent a large portion of his existance in this universe

creating beautiful accurate logos. They are in various formats one being png and the other being svg.

You may wonder why I posted this. Years after the fact. Because when I asked google this is it's answer a dead thread with no answer.

The point of the internet is information. The next person to search this will now have what they are looking for.

Thank you Dan,


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