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  1. WOAW thanks and merry Christmas I never try Super Gameboy on RETROPIE ... i don't see any easy way to use it ... only for launchbox : I read for the moment it's not possible : https://retropie.org.uk/forum/topic/4286/super-gameboy-emulation/ I think we must use the border trick ... with this pack of 100 games : https://www.dropbox.com/s/s16grwhmcov0w2b/105 SGB Borders Retroarch Wii.rar Or full here : https://retropie.org.uk/forum/topic/8664/super-gameboy-border-overlays-complete-set The game list with borders is here : https://www.wikiwand.com/en/List_of_Super_Game_Boy_games
  2. WIP No Art Assets - Commodore 64

    Thanks a lot, no link ?
  3. WIP No Art Assets - Commodore 64

    Thanks a lot for your hard work
  4. Looking for 2 Platform Logos

    Thanks But RETROPIE Skin use SVG images, it's better to resize them on each resolution. And for my part i make a mistake, i speak about games logo I already have two of them in SVG. MSX2+ : system.svg C64 : system.svg
  5. Looking for 2 Platform Logos

    Same for me, i search for C64 simple Clear Logo, and MSX + MSX2. Hard to find some Same for X68000 ... it will be a hard and long consuming time if i must make them all alone
  6. ReignStumble Console Artwork Pack

    WOAWwwwwww really a great work man, i love it <3 I'm a bad man to ask you something more ... but i also use some other REAL systems you forgot ... please if you can ... - Amstrad GX4000 - Apple II - Apple IIe - Apple IIgs - Commodore Pet - Commodore Amiga 1200 (you!!! only made 500) - Daphne, Laser Disc Emulator - Microsoft MSX - Microsoft MSX 2 - Microsoft MSX Laserdisc - NEC PC-8801 - NEC PC-9801 - Nintendo Game & Watch - Sharp X68000 - Texas Instrument 99 - VTech Creativerse - VTech V-Smile - Watara Supervision Thanks a lot
  7. WOAW !!!! a great thanks man <3
  8. SirCamels Clear Logo Requests

    The ZIP is what I planned last resort yes. With each system that I finish, I will come to post an archive with the Covers, one the Logo and one the videos. The covers I have retouched or made tons for Jap games, the logo same, not always what I want here ... and you are one of the most complete sources!!! It is a mix of your stuff, google stuff, and mine. For videos it is so bigger, and it is for the most part some videos from EmuMovies, but i made some for Jap games they don't do, i think i will up only these videos. Maybe an admin will add them to Launchbox after ...
  9. SirCamels Clear Logo Requests

    Woaw great work man, thanks a lot for it And so bad, i have work and made some same logo ... So cool you share your's on LaunchBox for every one, i made same on ScreenScrapper, it is cool because they have a MASS IMPORT system to upload many covers and logo at same time by system ... I want to share my stuff here too, but not one by one, so long, i interested if there is an easier way
  10. SNES MSU-1 Cover Pack

    Thanks a lot for these cool LOGO
  11. Hardware Platform Set

    I love your work, thanks a lot