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Reassign controller for single game


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Everything seems to be running great with my big box arcade cabinet setup except 1 game, Toobin. The original arcade game is 5 buttons (paddle left forward/back, paddle right forward/back, and fire in the middle). It is also a 2 player game. This is fine for me as I built the cabinet with 8 buttons for each player. The problem is in Toobin with MAME emulator, player 2 doesn't exist on the controls. Player 1 is assigned to both joystick and buttons so it is very awkward for gameplay. How can I re-map the controller inputs for this one game without affecting all the others that work great?

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9 hours ago, Retro808 said:

If you open Toobin in Mame and hit Tab it will open the settings for Mame then choose Input - This Machine (or it may say something similar) and that will allow you to set for only that game and not alter the general settings for controls of Mame. 

That worked great! Thanks. How do I do the same for Nintendo 64 games. All games work great except Yoshi's Story. Keeps asking for controller 1.

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