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I have a Rom called dreamNes a which I believe has more than one game on it.  It runs on Demul in dreamcast emu but I can only get the first game to come up.  I cannot see the other games.

If I hit the B button, I see a flash of other games on it but cannot get into the select a game.  Anyone have any luck with this one?  If so, what are you using to get into the select a game?  THX

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DreamNES is an NES emulator for the Dreamcast so I really have no idea why you would want to do this, this is literally running an NES emulator inside a Dramcast emulator. Just get yourself a good NES emulator such as puNES, Mesen, Nestopia or use Retroarch, you will have much better results.

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Well honestly I guess because I have the rom, I want it. Lol. And since dreamcast has a lot of kid memories associated with it, I guess it feels nastalgic in a way.  Esp since it died out too quick imo.  

Also now that I have dreamcast working, I feel it has shown to be the best graphics-wise outside of Ps. and ps2 (since I haven't set them up yet). So I wanted to see what the nes games would look like emulating on the dreamcast.  

I have other reasons but there is no need to go into it. 

Now.  With that said, I'm assuming u have no idea how to get this up and running or if it even works in a dreamcast emulator

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