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Clear logo problem (Big Box)


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When in BigBox the first game you select in a platform and go into it's menu, when backing out, every following game you select in that platform displays the clear logo of the first game you have selected in the game menu and not the game you are on. For instance, if the first game I select in NES is Mario Bros. and I back out, every game after that in the NES platform will show the Mario Bros clear logo in the menu and not the selected game's clear logo

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For that issue, what you can try, is go into the setting and clear the cache and see if that fixes the issue, If not then you may have to re download all of the images for Nes. By the way, does the problem happen on other platform, since i have seen people with a similar issue, and usually refreshing the cache fixes the problem.

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On 12/5/2017 at 1:29 PM, Jason Carr said:

Hey guys, do you mean the logo on top of the game menu? I still can't seem to replicate any issues; please let me know as many details as you can (what theme, what view, etc.). :)

I noticed this as well.  Seems to me I only started noticing this in 7.14.  For me it happens with the default theme, criticalzone (and v2) as well as the cityhunter themes.  In fact, it might be for all the themes I have installed, but those are my goto themes and I can reproduce it in each one.  I have my games view set to Text list with details.  Attached is a screenshot of what I get.  In this example, the first game I went to in my SNES games list was Zelda.  I then escaped back and selected another game, you can see the banner in the game view still shows Zelda while the rest is all FFII, which is the game I was in.

https://ibb.co/du8Pub (also attached a screenshot to this reply in case this link doesn't work)

Hope this helps :)

Btw, love LB and BB, and have not looked at any other front ends since I came across this masterpiece.  Keep up the great work.


List View With Details banner bug.png

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