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Bigbox Startup video volume.


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Is there anyway to reduce the volume of the start up video?

If I forget to take my headphones off before starting it, it physically hurts even on a low volume setting


Edit: sorry I fat thumbed my way into the Troubleshooting forum instead of the Noobs forum

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9 minutes ago, Lordmonkus said:

I don't use startup videos myself but just having a quick go at them it seems like the video volume is determined by your PCs volume and not by Launchbox so you would have to turn your PCs volume down. Maybe I missed something or @Jason Carr would have to make a change to allow this to be set in BigBox.

That's correct, it defaults to the system volume. This is also noticeable inside of Bigbox if you are using Windows Media Player as your video engine, as adjusting video or audio volumes there has no effect, that only works when using VLC unfortunately.

Edit: Also if the startup video in question was rendered at a high volume then it will also be even louder.

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