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There is no current poll, although it is due soon ish. Usually you will get a email which will have a link once the poll is live, and it will be linked on here i'm sure.

Also at the top of the site here is a help/support link and in that is a request a feature link, that will take you to our bitbucket page where you can request features, or vote on existing requests.

Hope that helps.

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1 minute ago, bbweiners said:

I found my email settings and it looked like I wasn't on the mailing list. I'm guessing that's why I never hear about the voting.

Then you must of opted out of the E-mails at some point, as i'm sure you know you have to enter a valid E-mail address in order to download the program from the site in the first place.

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1 minute ago, bbweiners said:

Yeah. I probably out of habit asked to not be on the mailing list when I initially downloaded Launchbox, not realizing how huge of a deal this dumb program was going to be to me. (Haha)!  

Thanks again.

Ha ha, welcome to the club. We all start out thinking ill give this free program a chance, and we will see what happens, then you realise you have been using it for over a year and are still tinkering away on it, (not that its in any way difficult to use at all, its just that the possibilities are nearly endless). At least that's my story. :) 

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21 minutes ago, bbweiners said:

I totally agree. It's pretty crazy to think about what it can do and how much fun it is to mess around with. Of course, my wife probably wishes I never found it.

My wife left me and now I'm going through a divorce and she wants custody of the pc , damn you launchbox , if only I had found you earlier I could of been released from the shackles earlier ???

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