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Xbox Original Theme [Coding Request]

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Hey guys, I have this concept/idea for an Xbox Original theme (4:3 and 16:9 Ratio) and was wondering if anyone could make this concept a reality. Hyperkin has developed a new "Duke" controller for the Xbox One/PC so having the controller and a Big Box theme to match it would be cool in my opinion. I would develop it myself if I had any coding experience. Would anyone want to take a stab at it? Here's some
images and a psd file of what I had in mind.






5a9b291737b7e_XboxOriginalThemeImage2.thumb.png.8f6f25b1c8f2d01da4f60e4cc02b0680.pngXbox Original Dashboard with blur/noise effect


Font I used: https://www.dafont.com/imagine-font.font


PSD Files:



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42 minutes ago, mikeb0s said:

I love this idea, the bad thing is that I'm not a programmer, we have to wait and see who could develop this incredible theme, which looks fantastic.

Thanks! It doesn't even have to look like this, I would just love to see any theme that paid homage to the OG Xbox. Hopefully someone will pick this up. :]

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