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Deleting Remaining ROMs NOT Imported


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I recently imported a full MAME set.  During the process I selected to use games in their current location and to remove duplicates, hacked, mature, casino etc.  This has left me with a significantly smaller list which I prefer.  My question is I want to free up space on my hard drive and would like to remove the games that were not imported to Launchbox due to them either not working properly, not matching my preferred region, and/or my personal exclusion preferences.  Is there an easy way to identify the ROMs in my current folder that were not imported to Launchbox for deletion (I have backups on an external hard drive) now that I have decided to not copy them into the Launchbox folder during the importing process? 


Thank you,


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If you are using Split or Merged sets no, there is no easy way to do this and there is stuff that does not get imported which is absolutely critical to have such as bios files (ex: neogeo.zip) and possible parent roms.

If you are using Non-Merged sets this becomes a bit easier since everything is self contained in each zip for each game. But it would still be manual work, no automatic way of doing it.

Though one thing you could do if using the Non-Merged set is on import tel Launchbox to copy your roms to the Launchbox\roms\ folder, then you could delete your "full set".

This should work but of course I have not tried this so I cannot say with 100% certainty I would do what you wanted.

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I believe it would work as Lordmonkus described best thing to do would be test out a bunch of games before deleting them but you will have to tell MAME that you have moved the roms to LB or it won't find them. You would probably also have to move the roms from the MAME roms folder or you won't get a good indication of whether or not they are working from your LB folder or from the defualt roms folder

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Is there a way to remove the imported games from LB but not all of the videos, pictures, banners, metadata etc.?  If so could I simply delete those and re-import the set and when promoted select copy to the LB folder?  Will it only copy the games that are imported with my exclusion preferences?

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