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SNES MSU-1 Disc Media

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These Disc's are intended to be used along with my Box set for the SNES MSU-1 Roms, and used in CtriticalCid's Unified Launchbox Theme.

While i have tried to stick to game themes/Flyers, this is not always possible with some of the older titles, so i  had to use so artistic licence

for some, and also had a bit of fun with a couple.

All images used were found on google, so i take no credit for any of the amazing work
that went into some of these pieces.

Removed Mega Link, These are now posted to the forums on each new addition.

Unified Theme

They are named as the roms are in my system, so you will have to add each one individually.
I tried to make a Disc for every version of each rom, undoubtedly i may have missed a few,
i will try to add these at a later date.

Moving forward i will keep the Media for both 3D Boxes and Disc's updated for each new MSU-1
that becomes available.

Big Thanks go out to RetroHumanoid who helped me yet again with some of the finer details
in this set.

Also to CriticalCid for his outstanding Unified Theme 

And ColPipes for being MAD!

And Lordmonkus for his art ninja skills., he taught me well.



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tbh it was all a blur to get it out, and im not a fan of them games, so i woudn't know one from the other, so i grabbed whatever came up first, i will put out an alt sometime this week.


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