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On 7/24/2018 at 10:53 AM, Klopjero said:

these look great. is this all handword ? or do you have a script or action that does the work for you ?

I use a few things, im no artist at all, i just make these for myself and share them and hope others will use them. 

Adobe Photoshop with cover template of the additional things i add, and when i have to make a full cover. I use thecoverproject for the boxes, but not all covers are there.

the Discs i have my own template and i use google to find something i like and use that, (@retrohumanoid helped with ideas for the Disc template).


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All Discs released to date are now in a new pack.

Reduced the size the images take on the HD by a significant amount.

If you already have the images in your setup, and you don't mind the HD space used then you do not need to grab the new updated pack. If you do then you will need to add the images manually as there is no naming convention for these roms.



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