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CoverBox Wii U Theme

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Hi there, this is my first ever theme that I made as an extension to the excellent Coverbox themes made by @faeran if you want more platform-specific themes, go check out his Coverbox main theme down below. I recommend using this with Coverbox. However, this theme is different compared to others that it's actually a theme that only plays when you are on the Wii U game selection screen. In order to make it work you have to do the following:

1. Head over to Options in the Big Box Menu

2. Scroll down to Keyboard Shortcuts

3. Look through the list of options until you find "Switch Theme".

4. Choose a key for the shortcut and head over to your Wii U Platform Game Selection Screen

5. Press the Key and choose the theme from the list that pops up.

6. Congratulations you now have a Wii U Theme that launches no matter what another theme you're using.

I hope that this theme will help you show off your Wii U collection even more and I will soon upload Wii U Video Snaps so stay tuned.

Link to Coverbox by @faeran



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