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BigBox performance improvements since 7.10/7.11?

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Hi all,

I haven't updated LaunchBox/BigBox since version 7.10 last summer when I finished my bartop build. I remember trying 7.11 and then rolling back to 7.10 because I was experiencing some pretty bad hanging issues when browsing BigBox. Has anyone experienced this issue on midrange systems and seen it get resolved in later patches? It looks like there have been quite a few BigBox performance improvements so I'm hoping that this is the case, as I'm considering renewing my license and upgrading to the latest version.

Cheers and thanks!

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Welcome back @letstalkaboutdune, I'm still using your playlist videos :)

Honestly, I have experienced no issues with Big Box performance since that version, although I am using a fairly beefy PC. There have been a lot of improvements and we have not seen an increase in people reporting performance issues on midrange hardware that I am aware of.

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