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  1. I've made a set of arcade genre clear logos that are hosted here, please feel free to use any of them if desired.
  2. Thank you! I'm glad you can use them. What would you like the placeholder cabinet to look like?
  3. Hi @Charco! It's good to be back. Thanks for the info. I think I'll just go ahead and update, then report any issues I have and try to work through them. @ckp and @Hexxxer, are you guys still experiencing the stuttering issues in BigBox as described in this thread?
  4. Hi all, I haven't updated LaunchBox/BigBox since version 7.10 last summer when I finished my bartop build. I remember trying 7.11 and then rolling back to 7.10 because I was experiencing some pretty bad hanging issues when browsing BigBox. Has anyone experienced this issue on midrange systems and seen it get resolved in later patches? It looks like there have been quite a few BigBox performance improvements so I'm hoping that this is the case, as I'm considering renewing my license and upgrading to the latest version. Cheers and thanks!
  5. I agree with those saying that the dramatic e-mail full of copied/pasted communication between Jason and "Mr. Shaw" was unwelcome and unprofessional. Jason, please handle your company business privately and leave your users out of it.
  6. The project is available here. The Adobe Premiere Pro project file itself is in the "Premiere" folder. Have fun!
  7. I made these videos for use in my arcade cabinet, and for the way I have it configured I think the themes look much better. I don't have the time or motivation to make alternate versions of them, but if you like I can share my Adobe Premiere Pro project and you can swap out the clips, logos, and music for anything you like.
  8. Hi @Hank7_98, yes I plan to get to them eventually. In the meantime, @Levo_Stone has made a bunch of genre/playlist videos in a similar style including several of the ones you're asking for.
  9. Done and uploading to EmuMovies as we speak! YouTube previews below in the meantime. The new clear logos have been added as well. Enjoy, @Charco!
  10. Hi @Charco, it looks like there are no themes for Pound for Pound or Title Fight. Are there two other boxing games we can use instead? Edit: Never mind, I made it work!
  11. Hi @Levo_Stone have you already spent some time on this? If not, I can give it a go as I actually have some time today that I can spend on it. Wouldn't hurt to draw up a couple new logos as well.
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