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'Recently Played' Playlist Video and Clear Logo (2 versions)


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'Recently Played' Playlist Video and Clear Logo (2 versions)

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Hey guys!

In the last few days I added the 'Recently Played' auto-populating playlist to my set, and I was bummed to realize that there is no media for this category (that I could find), so I went ahead and created two simple videos and a clear logo to go with them.
I am nowhere near the great video creators from this forum (I would have loved to make a video with a synced equalizer, and graphics flying all over the place hehe), so be easy on me.


Option 1
Disclaimer; the video source clips and song are from Polygon.com by Reverse Enginears featuring P Sus. I edited stuff in and out, changed resolutions, times, blurs, fades, etc.


Option 2 (ALT)
Disclaimer; the video source is a fan-video made by Kriskappashox and FreankExpo's Staff. The song used is "Donkey Kong REMIX [Super Bass Boosted]" by San Holo.


Option 3 (ALT 2)
Disclaimer; the video source is from YT user 4096 called "Evolution of Game Cartridge". The song used is "Donkey Kong REMIX [Super Bass Boosted]" by San Holo.


You can also grab the logo I made that goes along with the videos. The bitten gamepad is based on an idea from designevo.


If somebody wants to improve or create a video/logo for this category, please be my guest; the more options the merrier :)




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