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GPD Win 2 running Big Box and my PASC 3.0 Theme


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Apologize ahead of time for the slightly blurry video image. 

I just received my GPD Win 2 on June 15th and wanted to see how my Theme PASC 3.0 and games perform.  Im very impressed with the device, it can run PS1, Gamecube, Wii and some Windows games pretty well.



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Hey there, new to the forum/LB/BB, but I've been reading up and watching vids about the GPD Win2 and I should be getting min this weekend.  Per your replies above, does LB/BB run most consoles stock without config?  Or will I need to plan on config. each of the consoles that I want to be included in LB/BB (I haven't been a LB user until now either, so I wont be loading anything existing (need to find a good place to find the games too! lol)

Thanks for the info, I also can't wait to get starting gaming on my Win2!

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On 11/9/2018 at 8:27 AM, DOS76 said:

everything for playing the games has to be configured inside the emulator.

ah, ok!  gotcha!! I have just been going with the emulators that LB suggests for emulators to install for NES and SNES so far, seem to be going ok so far!  if I choose to launch game/emulator in fullscreen, is there a shortcut (on win2) to exit back to the LB screen? (or exit/close game and go back to the main/blank emulator screen - that would be fine too)

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