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  1. your problem is with how you defined the wheel as it should display the game title if it cannot display the image. This is my setup (and i changed my subfolder name from custom image 1 to Banners just to emulate what you are trying to do <coverFlow:FlowControl x:Name="FlowControl" Opacity="1.0" CustomImageType="Banners" CurveAmount="0" VisibleCount="16" PageSize="6" CameraZPosition="9" ItemZPosition="0.2" SelectedItemZPosition="1.6" Spacing="3" RotationAmount="0" RenderTransformOrigin=".5,.5" > <coverFlow:FlowControl.CoverFactory> <coverFlow:HorizontalWheelCoverFactory /> </coverFlow:FlowControl.CoverFactory> </coverFlow:FlowControl>
  2. Both database ID's and Title names are recognized. so, what is the wheel doing right now, is it displaying text instead of images?
  3. I have a couple of questions for you… Are you testing the view via bigbox? or are you expecting stuff such as the wheels to be visible via VS2019 ? most of us use Notepad ++ to create views, we only use VS2019 to visualise gradients or storyboarding, so using Vs2019 to create views is not ideal and to be honest you would be better off using the Theme Creator.
  4. sorry, I thought you were using the theme creator (would be faster if you were) looks ok, but I dont know how the files are named within the Sony Playstation Portable folder..... using Game Title? using the database id (preferred method) using an extension of png?
  5. can you zip up the data folder and send it to me directly please. (either from your win10 or win7 system)
  6. If you are using the theme creator you can refer to them via the image ui element as well as the wheels
  7. I’m assuming you are trying to create your own focus border and it will be placed over the selected item. To my knowledge that’s not possible within the wall view as bigbox would need to pass back the selected item position and size of item
  8. Try downloading , unblocking, unzipping to win 10, then click on the exe to ensure it works , once confirmed copy the unzipped directory over to win 7
  9. I do not have a computer running win7 as Microsoft discontinued support of win7 earlier this year, I can try building an installer after work today and send it to you but again I have no way of testing it
  10. This will be happening!! when ? This year I hope 🤞 , a few of us have discussed this with @Jason Carr and he’s onboard to make the change but it has to be slotted within his other priorities
  11. Download theme plain n simple carbon 3.0 (Pasc 3.0) it contains a lightweight plugin that I built that has some converters you are looking for, the views utilize these converters so you have something to copy/paste
  12. Not without a plugin/converter
  13. it all depends on how you set up the animation definitions, but …. you can trigger a "Once Selected" animation to change the angle to 0, using a start time of 0 and a duration of 0. then the animation to make the CD Spin should also be triggered by "Once Selected" and the start time should be anything greater than 0
  14. When the screen full of errors pops up, click in the error window, press Ctrl + A, then paste the errors to me
  15. I added a new animation trigger specifically for the textgamesview, you can reach out to @Faeran for more info
  16. Hows this? Desktop 2020.05.24 -
  17. cant wait to see what you come up with 🙂
  18. can you send me the project directly to me so I can open it up via the editor
  19. No problem at all, any questions at all just reach out and I’ll walk you thru it
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