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  1. its a standard approach for full screen apps on the Mac, so I borrowed the approach and works very nicely, I dont know why i didnt think of this before and now if i want to add extra functionality while editing the view i can simply add menu items to the bar, so thanks for making the suggestion.
  2. I will add that to the list, but... what i will do for is add a minimize button to the editor, how's that for the short term ?
  3. That’s controlled via bigbox, I would like to interrogate video file found so that you can hide the video if one isnt found. I haven’t sent my list of bigbox enhancements yet, but that one is on it
  4. Thank you and try this channel as my friend @faeran puts videos out that demonstrate how to create themes. My videos show new features to the software https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2C5q0Muy-ehYpZUIIdJ94Q
  5. Then you will need the next release so you can apply to all platforms. You would define a frame with rounded corners and because a frame is now deemed a parent control you simply drag the box art into it, the frame will shrink and grow based on the content
  6. Have you tried applying an opacity mask (with rounded corners) to the box art?
  7. I will be livestreaming at 10am on Saturday 10th October. I plan to show the progress so far with the build, discuss next steps and take notes based on your feedback/comments. www.youtube.com/channel/UCALHDoR8oQifl6sbIrdrW6w
  8. Made some great progress recently as you can now nest/group UI Elements. I'm working on the UI Element List control, it has the features i want but its not quite as user friendly as I would like at this stage. Desktop 2020.10.07 -
  9. Try changing your desktop settings so that the dpi setting is 100% or less, as that would increase pixel density
  10. Edit images? You mean create custom images? If so, I have restricted the resolution to 1080p
  11. Try adjusting the speed, I’m not aware of the scroll function not scrolling smoothly. As for looping, not sure when I can get to that as I’m working on higher priorities right now
  12. The double video playback (of a selected platform or game) is based on Jason making a change to bigbox in order to allow the video’s audio to be muted, you don’t wanna play 2 videos with both playing audio
  13. I have been heads down focusing on which will introduce nested UI Elements, for those of you that have knowledge of XAML will understand what that means and hopefully understand what a challenge this is 🙂 but anyway... I am working on the visual side of things now and figured I'd give you a little sneak peek of what to expect.
  14. Glad to hear it, the next release I will add a text file to the media folder indicating that sub folders should be created to contain your own personalized media sorry for the confusion
  15. Click Browse Media Folder, then create new folder (User Defined Videos) and place the .MP4 in that new folder. exit the explorer window and return to the properties panel, you can now click the Media folder drop down and select your new folder, then you can see the .mp4 when you click the filename dropdown
  16. ah, so no entries in the dropdown box. when you click media folder, do you see entries? meaning did you successfully select a media folder then no entries are available for the filename ? if thats the case, the selection is looking for mp4, what file type are your videos ?
  17. quick video that demonstrates how to create custom images as for laggy, i dont know what setup you have, but the theme creator works just fine on a GPD Win2 with integrated graphics, no lag.
  18. The theme creator relies heavily on its own plugin as the plugin is responsible for scaling UI elements based on the users resolution. so yes it would be a dealbreaker if startup themes do not support plugins.
  19. Thanks Jason! to everyone following this topic.... I will complete the last feature for the Theme Creator and then I will circle back to address some of the gaps such as options etc..
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