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  1. Perfect! The CTC uses the LB setup, however I hardcoded the image/video paths so it’s looking at your lb local install for media. I will change that to actually reference the LB paths config. I have created a similar setup at home now to test
  2. perfect! thank you and now i'll wait for @5n4keyes and see how his setup is configured, similar i'm sure
  3. perfect! thank you and now i'll wait for @The Papaw and see how his setup is configured, similar i'm sure
  4. Both you and @The Papaw are using a NAS, let's try and get my setup to emulate what you guys have, so I'll need your help to pseudo emulate this. do you have launchbox and the theme creator stored locally, lets say C:\ you have some artwork/video folders stored on the NAS, lets say M:\ you changed launchbox config to force media to the M:\ ? if so, can you also take a screenshot for me please
  5. can you take a screenshot of the LB configuration where it points to the M: Path please
  6. When I get a laptop to develop on I’ll hit you up and see if I emulate your setup on my end
  7. A Nas, yeah that’ll do it as I e never tested with a nas configuration and i I know my .dlls mess around with paths
  8. New UI Element called User Defined Audio has been added to version 2.3. Once i get my new development laptop i'll finish off 2.3 and upload it
  9. No, you should be able to run the Theme Creator by itself, assuming of course 1. You have installed LaunchBox and 2. you have defined at least 1 game to LaunchBox I suggest you install Theme Creator Version 2.2 if you havent already
  10. I can’t see why not, hit up @faeran and he’ll help out using the new wheel code, which I don’t support at the moment but plan to once I get the new laptop
  11. When copying/pasting elements from theme to theme, can you explain what you mean by it didn’t work right
  12. Cannot support the COMMUNITY Theme Creator until new hardware is purchased.
  13. My 4 year old Surface Book 2 died this morning, it has been a wonderful work horse of a device and has seen may iterations of the COMMUNITY Theme Creator in its lifetime, sadly this is the only laptop i have and requires a purchase of another laptop with similar specs in order for me to continue developing and supporting the COMMUNITY Theme Creator. I have setup a gofundme page that will hopefully allow me/us to reach the target goal and for a replacement machine to be purchased. Thank you so much in advance, Dave https://gofund.me/77af37ff
  14. I assume you mean Max Controllers. When you were copy and pasting, were you copy/pasting within the same view or across views? did you copy/paste the entire view or just the stack or Max Controllers element? do you have visibility conditions assigned to the Max Controllers text field? is is set to visible?
  15. i believe i have already mentioned there is no animation triggering support when using button a or b why dont you add another animation frame to once selected to revert the size back lets say after 10-15 seconds (trigger: once selected, start time 0:0:15, revert to original/defined size navigation up/down triggers work navigation center is triggered when the controller has come to rest
  16. heres the one i used for demo purposes. Free TTS | Text to Speech Mp3 Free Online change the voice to matthew_male
  17. Look for free text to speech (TTS) web pages that allow you to enter text, pick a voice and output result to mp3
  18. Heres a video showing you how to create various groups and how you add elements to them Desktop 2021.09.26 -
  19. thanks, i just put out a revised version of 2.2 that fixed preset 04
  20. You can display static images instead of videos, you only need to name the images as the platforms / platform categories etc.. mp3's per platform and platform category, yes you can with 2.2 just released and I show you how that works in my latest youtube video
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