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Lots of errors reading iso's

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using the pcsx2 and having a series of different errors rangeng from filenotfound file path:isofilesystem 

to cdvd read errors 

the read errors are occurring no mater what I try and I know it is not the file because that would mean all of my roms are bad and I know some of them definitely do work 

I have fixed the first problem (emulator trying to read 7zip files) but I still cant get it to work no matter what I try even my physical discs wont work after being re burned, turned into isos, ect.


I can only assume its a problem with configuration settings , compatibility or launchbox 

I'm at my wits end here and I'm sure someone else has encountered a similar set of problems, I have spent hours trying to fix this to no avail. so someone please offer a solution that works instead of all the pandering I've had to slog through about mounting the isos on virtual disk drivers, bad isos , and other non applicable nonsense


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29 minutes ago, A_Clever_Monocle said:

filenotfound file path:isofilesystem


30 minutes ago, A_Clever_Monocle said:

cdvd read errors

Those are both errors relating to a bad disc image of the game unfortunately.


31 minutes ago, A_Clever_Monocle said:

I know it is not the file because that would mean all of my roms are bad and I know some of them definitely do work 

Not at all, there are lots of bad game rips out there just because you have some that work doesnt mean that they all will, especially if you are downloading individual games from various sites on the web.

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the problems seem to of started when I re-downloaded and configured the emulator some of my games were working before but they aren' t now i did something that makes the emulator encounter errors while reading isos in general ive even tried physical cd's I'm only coming here because ive tried everything ive encountered 

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