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easy way to edit multiple game details?

Jade Aislin

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I have recently bought a premium license after advice from this forum.  Now I am trying to get all my games set up in launch box.  I find myself getting tired of trying to edit each game individually, especially the genre detail.  I have my own genres that I like to add to my games.  

Is it possible to either bulk edit/append my games genres or import a list of my games with their genres?

I know there is a bulk edit feature, but it erases whatever was there to begin with.  So if a game has a genre 'adventure', but then I bulk edit genre 'action', the game no longer has that 'adventure' genre. 

I have hundreds of games and most of them were already put into an older catalogue program I have.  Any advice on how to make this process easier for myself would be appreciated.

- Jade Aislin

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On 3/16/2019 at 8:41 PM, Lordmonkus said:

Yeah, that's what "change" means.

Forgive the resurrection, but appending information is still a "change" from what it was previously. Since multiple genres can be selected, it is natural to think that performing a bulk edit would add a genre selection to what was there previously. Launchbox should ask the user's intention, Instead of revealing how it operates through trial and error.

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Nice to see that this is getting a bit of attention again. Still somewhat bugs me there there's not the option to leave existing information intact when adding new data with bulk editing in general. Like if there was an "open box" showing that some of the selected content had the tag in question that would remain undisturbed unless the user selected the item ("closed box" thereby applying to all) or deselected the item ("no box" thereby applying to none"). Apologies if this is confusing. This just seems like a standard on many platforms so I am still surprised Launchbox hasn't adapted such functionality into their platform.

Look forward to checking out your plugin!

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