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My integrated graphics vs old pci card


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Hope this is an ok place to ask this...

im trying to setup this small form factor pc to emulate all the old retro systems I want to play with the kids and launchbox has been great to unify all the emulators in one place

this is more of a hardware question though. My pc can seem to handle any old system up to the 32/64 bit era no problem, which is great. N64 has been a struggle but I think that’s more down to n64 emulation in general since some games run great. Getting perfect dark working 100% was a nightmare but I’m there

i really wanna introduce GameCube and ps2 to the kids though. Got pcsx2 and dolphin running and tested a few games

performance is not so hot. I have an old asus geforce gt710 2gb graphics card I threw in. My tower also has an onboard “intel UHD graphics 630” gpu

i was always under the impression a dedicated gpu will always outperform onboard graphics, in this case is that true? I found a website that shows the intel gpu as rated higher in almost all areas. Would I be better pulling the gt710 and running onboard until I can afford a proper card?

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1 hour ago, Rincewind said:

With a lot of the emulators it's more the CPU instead of the GPU you need to worry about on the older systems, but I'm not sure if the PS2 and GameCube fall into that category. What CPU are you using?

Yeah all the 8/16/32 bit stuff rely's on the CPU for the most part. However Dolphin and PCSX2 can definitely make use of a dedicated GPU, the N64 and PSX emulators can as well for upscaling duty's.

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