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I started from scratch with my Launchbox setup having taken a break from the whole scene for a while and I’ve been adding stuff onto my laptop. I’m now running out of space on my D drive and I’m in the process of copying the whole Launchbox folder to my H drive which is an external.

I came across a post here yesterday but can’t find it now that talked about using note ++ to bulk edit the Launchbox.xml

I recall that the post was from 2017 and I wondered if there was a quicker way to change all my paths for roms,video,images, from D to H 

I think it was a post from lordmonkus but can’t be sure.

If you guys can point me in the right direction or quickly reply here I much appreciate it.

I also wondered if what is done through note ++ would be added to the bulk edit menu at some point

cheers guys

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Anything referencing LaunchBox.xml is outdated as since then the data has been split up and put in its own individual xml file located in the data folder. Depending on how you setup it may work just by transferring it to the new drive. Are your games either in the LB games folder or on the same hard drive as your LB build? If they are then most likely it will still work on the new drive as long as all the folder structure is the same and the only thing that changes in the directory path is the drive letter. If not then you can either bulk edit your xml files in NP++ or try using the feature in the tools menu to move roms around.

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The games for the most part are in the Launchbox games folder with maybe the exception of Daphne which is within the Daphne folder in my emulators folder. Like I said the Launchbox folders is on my D drive and is being copied to an external drive which will be drive letter H. All paths at present as you would expect are pointing at D

Thank you for the info, but having used those two methods to alter the rom paths in the platform xml,  will all the other folders eg images, video still be pointing at D ?

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Okey dokey, so having not looked at the data folder and being away from the PC in question, does a xml exist named platforms and does that include all the path information for each system?

I’m following you with regards to the game paths but are you saying that apart from changing those paths, The copying and pasting of the Launchbox folder to my external drive will work just fine and will see all the vids and images without issue?

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Ah OK, that makes sense now. So apart from my Daphne games I should be able to change all the paths within LB.

It’s nice to see that from my initial foray in LB and then my break from it all,that returning to LB I find that the forums still remains one of the most helpful and friendly forums I’ve come across. 

Thank you all for the help! Now if you can excuse my I have missing covers to find and game descriptions to edit and if I have time I may just play some games. ??

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