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Application to make 3d Boxes


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You don't say what type box you want to create, or if you plan to create a lot, or a few.

If you only plan on making a few, this online one works pretty well: http://ronenness.github.io/3D-Box-Shot-Maker/

If you plan on making a ton of them, something like Boxshot V4 is very capable, but also pricey, IMO.

You can also use any 3D modeling app like Blender to create shots (there are many YouTube videos that walk you through it).

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i think just some must be enough, i would to have something like this to make an homogenic collection with others.

Quackshot_ Starring Donald Duck-01.pngthanks for the informations, i didn't want to pass by blender except if a patern was existing :). I will try with your online tool.

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That Genesis cover is from hyperspin correct? I didn't work on the Genesis set but what we used to do was create those 3D covers using photoshop actions. You fisrt create an action to place the spine and then one to place the front cover. You then use those 2 actions to batch all your art work. It's a bit labour intensive.

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47 minutes ago, Darklight said:

Hello ? 

I came across this thread looking for the same answer, for cover commander can you show us the batch script you used please? I am new to this and can’t find a guide online for it ty


i guess Imandix uses a warp around template ?

Look here:



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