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Shell Execute Error in DXSetup


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I imagine you are using a shell command to run the DirectX Setup? In any case, I get this error, perhaps because I tell it "no" to install directX since it asks every time there is a new install. The Install of the new Beta didn't seem to "take" since it asked me if I wanted to install a new version after just installing a new version. I got that message box each time. Is 9.0 beta 9 the latest? That is what is installed now after 2 installs.

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I guess the message should be clearer then, either do the check and do nothing if it finds the correct version, or ask "You don't have / have an older version of DirectX, please press "Yes" to install".  As it stands, it implies it is going to install if you hit yes and not if you hit no. So people who know they already have the correct version, think it is going to waste time installing again and again (once a week or more as new versions come out). Thanks for the clarification. I'll just always press "Yes".

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Yeah, I'd improve it if it was worth the effort. We use an install system that is somewhat limiting, as-is the DirectX portion of the install. The DirectX installer is so stupid in that you have to *run* the installer to even determine whether DirectX is fully installed, and that requires admin rights. So rather than re-invent the wheel, I'm leaving it.

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