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Hi there,

I'm a newbie with regards to emulation but use FS-UAE quite a while to play Kick Off 2. I used the save disk feature regularly. This week end I played Sensible World of Soccer for the first time and used the save disk again. Now I realized the all my Kick Off Saves are gone! Could it be that FS-UAE used the SAME save disk and formated my Kick Off save games when I saved Sensible Soccer games? In this case, how can I use the save disk feature for different games?

Many thanks for your help!

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Zombeaver states that there is a way at https://forums.launchbox-app.com/topic/43542-fs-uae-need-help-with-saving-whdload-games/


Both saving and save states work with WHDLoad in FS-UAE. Saving itself (as in using standard in-game saving) has always worked, but save states were iffy in the past. I still just use normal saves, but save states work pretty well now that relative temp has been implemented.

You need to go into Settings -> Advanced Settings and add the following lines:

unsafe_save_states = 1
relative_temp_feature = 1

Normal saves are still preferred, but I haven't had any issues whenever I've tried save states with these lines.


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