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Gba and Mame not working


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Hey, im new to Launchbox and this forum and i think after going through a ton of frontends i finally found the best one :)

Sadly i have some problems getting Gba and Mame to work.

When i try to start a Gba game it just loads for a second but nothing happens. As Emulator i use Retroarch with the mgba_libretro core.

I have selected the right core in the emulator settings and over retroarch it runs without a problem.


When i try to start Mame games it shows up for a second says initialzing and then closes down (im using Mame itself not the retroarch core)

i have already searched for hours but just can not find the issue.

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In Launchbox go to manage emulators than choose either of the emulators and edit. In the associate platform tab make sure for Mame you have the name of the Arcade platform listed and as well for Retroarch you have the name of the GBA platform listed. The names need to be exactly as you have the platform named in Launchbox. For example if the platform in Launchbox is name Nintendo Game Boy Advance in the associated platform field it would need to be listed as Nintendo Game Boy Advance. If you alter the name it will not link them. 

Also what Mame are you using? MameUI, Arcade64, or the command line version of Mame?

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And both Mame and Retroarch will launch games outside of Launchbox correct? 

If so something is disconnected in Launchbox. 

Can you share some pics. 

In the edit emulators screen for Arcade can share share a pic of the Emulator Details tab and the Associated Platforms tab. 

Then choose a game and edit. Share an image of the Launcher tab and the Emulation tab. 

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