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Streamer Helper - OBS Game Info

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Streamer Helper - OBS Game Info

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Hi Guys,

I did a simple plugin to help anyone that streams and is using Launchbox, basically I write the current playing game information to a folder (Launchbox main folder + obs). So using OBS software you can put the information on display to stream it.

It has two types of files:

  1. TXT Files - Plain text, so you can put it on stream as text.
  2. Json File -  Has every Information for that game, you can build a HTML website and display it easily with some front-end knowledge.

Also this is a way to test the new Interface that @Jason Carr did for us :)


Requirements: Launchbox 9.2+

Install: Extract the content of zip file to : Launchbox/plugins/OBS

Source codehttps://github.com/rodrigosiviero/launchbox_obsgameinfo (feel free to contribute)


If you have trouble running the plugin and crashing due CAS error, please right click on the DLL's , properties and then unblock.





This time I did a video for the usage, enjoy!



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