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Hey guys i'm trying to setup mame in Launchbox  with Retroarch but its not working. I have MAME 0.205 ROMs (split) set zipped, used the import Mame Arcade Full Set option in tool/import & followed the instructions but when i launch a game i just get game loading screen then back to LaunchBox. I'm new to mame and not sure what Retroarch core i should be using for this mame set i have. I can load a rom from my romset from inside RetroArch but not in Launchbox.Any help would be great.

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Is the emulator set up correctly in Launchbox? Associated platform the exact same wording and such?


You should be using the main mame core (no year after it) since it is also .205 atm. That core stays up to date... which means it would be better to not update that core later on unless you also plan on updating your romset.

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Hey Everyone, Not sure if there is anyone around on this thread but I too need some help setting up LaunchBox to play my Mame games.  I have downloaded a full romset of 2003 plus.  I am trying to use RetroArch and downloaded the core and it looks very similar to the ones up top.  I am able to run the game through retroarch.  That isn't the problem but when I click on the game that I can confirm working with the right core in retroarch, nothing happens within launchbox.  it doesn't try and open the game or bring me to retroarch just nothing happens.  

Like I said, I have confirmed in retroarch that the core 2003 plus runs the game that is from my 2003 plus romset, but for whatever reason I am missing something from launchbox to retroarch i feel like.  Maybe I am way off but that is where I feel something is missing.  

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Did you import the games into LB using the full set importer or the normal method ? You want to use the normal method, not full set importer for that rom set.

Make sure that your associated platform for your Retroarch emulator in LB is named correctly for the platform you imported your games to.

Make sure that you have the correct core being called in the associated platforms too.

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