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cannot get startup videos to work with bigbox please help!!

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How did you do it? There is actually an old way which changed several versions ago and is no longer valid.

if you placed a video in the /Launchbox/Video folder and named the video file startup then that is no longer valid. 

 Now you simply create a folder called startup inside the /Launchbox/Videos folder and place any videos you want in there and they can be any name. Example: /Launchbox/Videos/Startup/[VideoFile].mp4

You can use any length video and multiple videos as BigBox will randomly use on on startup. 

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6 hours ago, rjlmecp said:

I follow the directions for the startup themes but cant get them to work.

The thread title says "startup videos" while your actual post says "startup themes" these are two seperate things so which one is giving you issues?

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