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  1. well, i'm pullin my hair out again: i'm trying to get retroarch to simply save the video options (setting fullscreen On, windowed Off, and Scaling/Aspect Ratio = core provided) for the folder contents of a platform (e.g. CPS1) and can not get it to save. I've tried Manage Core Options/Save Content Directory Options I've tried Overrides/Save Content Directory Overrides I've tried saving to a new CFG + the two above options everytime i restart RA, the video options i had set go back to what they were. i'm obviously missing something ha, we we just need a "save all the RA changes i've made for this directory" which i thought that's what one or both of the above menu choices would do, but for whatever reason its not working for me on the Video settings. and i'm almost sure i've asked this before or somethin similar so may have just forgotten the 'right process' so need to go hunt down my prior posts.. EDIT: well, sorry all, i neglected to remember that i had recently been messing around with overlays and had CFG files from a Retrolust overlay pack which dictated the view port size saved in the content director inside retroarch so these were overriding everything despite my trying to override those thru RA menu options lol. So i think i'm good now. i would like to go read up on what the above menu options do "save for" (like the Content Directory Overrides will capture WHAT compared to the "Save Content Directory Options" vs having a custom cfg file etc....
  2. Thanks niel9000 as always. I did figure it out eventually, it took some doing to get the overlay lined up using retroarch's overlay & video option : custom settings as i guess the files were orig setup for maybe a 1920x1080 resolution (whereas for sake of the Retrolust lights out pack i already had installed i've got mine at the 4k res... though ha, depending on if most overlay packs are 1920x1080, maybe i shoulda just sized down my RA settings on his pack. o well, thx again for your quick response on a Saturday no less!
  3. putting the folder "Nintendo DS" extracted from the download into the RA overlays folder did not activate it in RA. i thought you had to put the cfg in RA's config folder, but even with trying that i still didnt get the overlay to be active in RA, i'm probably missing something but have gotten overlays like Retrolust's to work so am kinda familiar with the related folders. what may i be missing (other than more coffee)? thanks
  4. saw this due to you informing me about the Doom pack... sweet retro action! this is the first 'at home' 3d game i'd ever heard of or seen and it blew me away (from just experience sidescrollers.. other than something like pole position right?) fun stuff!
  5. zoemorn

    Doom: 208 games?

    Very nice... thank you!!
  6. really cool work! i was looking for if anyone was doing anything like porting the latest coinops diamonds concept of showing arcade machines with the game demo playing and what you're doing is similar from the consoles pov and came across this thread showing off your Darkroom action! here's a couple of screens that is what i'm referring to on the arcade pov where it shows the demo within a cabinet with the associated marquee and control panel. cant imagine building all that for all the arcade titles lol and dont know how many are actually built for.
  7. I perused that path you mentioned and couldnt find any files to load. in retroarch, went to Quick Menu/Shaders/Load Shader Preset/shaders_slang/border/gameboy_player/sample_borders/ ... no items available... and pretty much saw this with any of the folders i looked into.. That first image that you showed is what i'm after for game boy basically, was trying to use an orionsangel overlay and get the view port position, but when i add "custom_viewport" settings in the config file it doesnt seem to pull into retroarch (and i've made sure the config is showing as loaded in retroarch) so not sure what thats about. for custom viewport settings i'm using, and its like these are being ignored, when in the retroarch menu they dont show up at all custom_viewport_height = "645" ---expected would = Custom Aspect Ratio Height custom_viewport_width = "674" --ditto but for width custom_viewport_x = "623" ----- expected would map to in Retroarch: Video/Custom Aspect Ratio X Pos custom_viewport_y = "244" --ditto but for Y Pos
  8. The Bezel Project app will load just bezels that are part of the project right? Or is it able to load up other bezels that one has downloaded such as from this forum? thanks
  9. Also seems like if i do a Save Core Overrides and then try to Save Current Config, it always gives me "Failed to save current config" just trying to figure how to get the current settings to save across all games of the same platform of the same core. I tried OrionsAngels tip of making a copy of a retroarch core to be specifically for one platform (for those cores that do multiple platforms) thinking that would help with trying to save specific overlay settings for just the one platform... but my result is not being able to get to apply to all games of the platform
  10. pullin my hair out.. when i try to apply a custom cfg it on a specific core via launchbox manage emulator/associated platforms its like it loads the cfg but none of the settings i had saved in the cfg seem to be applied (in this case overlay and video settings to position a gameboy overlay bezel) I tried the Save Core or Content overrides option with improved result but now the game isn't going full screen on start... lol this is maddening. do i use CFG to save settings, or Overrides, or both?
  11. I was working this exact same question (like with the PS2 wheel image) at the same time.. crazy. Something i kept running into, in Big Box you may need to go into Options/Images/Image Cache and refresh the Wheel image (or do a refresh all images) as just adding the image to the folder doesnt always seem to automatically pull into Big Box. can go to the forum Downloads and on the right find the Platform images section. currently i used the ps2 clear logos from this: have fun
  12. @fromlostdays Sweet! i hadnt noticed your response til just now but thanks man! i was just going to try and peg you big collector types for just this kind of information! And yes, i do have launchbox premium and emumovies and totally agree. sometimes i mess myself up in duplicating media downloads due to the autodownloading but they keep upgrading LB and adding clean up functionalities that undoubtedly will even help my messups. I dont presume i'll have as big O collection as you have (yet) but i may also do a virtual pinball collection as well so want to try to be prepared storage-wise for that (and have no idea how big of a foot print to allow for there.) .. but maybe i'll keep the pinball on separate storage.. So if any virtual pinball folks out there have an idea of storage footprint for a multiplatform (visual pinball, pinballFX etc) collection .. that'd be great to know as well.
  13. i dont have a bitbucket acct, i tried signing in via google but then it wanted me to create cloud bitbucket acct which, i wasnt sure if there were fees or not so backed out. maybe someone who's already got an acct might post it?
  14. Thanks Jason! And maybe I need to rethink my storage strategy. I went this way because it appeared that the graphics and videos etc were gonna be heavier than roms. But I never could find where anyone with a large collection provided this detail (how much the media weighed in contrasted to the roms). But maybe I need to turn it around and see if I can increase the local pc storage enough to handle the media.(again I'm just unsure what that will end up as, I'm wanting to have a big collection from oldies to recent gen.. not necessarily a completist but dont want to be limited by storage if I can help it). Thanks for your efforts, I'm a licensed holder and always dig seeing what y'all come up with.
  15. its the media thats on the nas, thanks DOS, and the error path mentioned is the paths pointing to the cart graphics etc
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