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Can Launchbox work with the new XBOX wireless display app?


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Microsoft launched a new app today that let's you connect to your PC and stream games to your XBOX One. Here's an article from Verge on it:  https://www.theverge.com/2019/3/13/18263513/microsoft-xbox-one-pc-games-support-streaming-wireless-display-app-feature

Any chance Launchbox will work with this or perhaps could in future releases?

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I don't think there is anything Launchbox could do on it's end to make this work, it would be on the App end. Having said that, you can launch Launchbox or Bigbox through steam, so I'd be surprised if it didn't work (I can confirm LB/BB work through Nvidia Gamestream, for instance). Controller support though is another matter. Would have to test. 

Edit: They really need to get a better marketing team. Why would you name this "Wireless Display App"?? 

CastBoX. There, can I have a job now Microsoft?

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Hey @Good_King_Applesauce,


I Just tried both default interface and BigBox, the only buttons that seems to work it's 'B' and navigation. Have you tried using Steam as @fromlostdays suggested? I have a huge Launchbox collection on my laptop but at this moment I don't have Steam installed here.


Thank you. 



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I just attempted to set this up and apparently, it will only work if your PC and your XBOX One are on a wifi connection.  I guess they meant "wireless" literally.  Everything in my house is hardwired and my PC doesn't even have a wifi adapter.  I've read that other people are having issues with all but the absolute best wireless connection.  I think MS intended this app to be used as more of a casting tool from devices like the Surface.  Perhaps they will update the app in the future.

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