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  1. Thank you, I'll try to install steam later and report here as well.
  2. Hey @Good_King_Applesauce, I Just tried both default interface and BigBox, the only buttons that seems to work it's 'B' and navigation. Have you tried using Steam as @fromlostdays suggested? I have a huge Launchbox collection on my laptop but at this moment I don't have Steam installed here. Thank you.
  3. Hey ItchyRobot, not sure if my scenario can help you but the only thing I did was to structure the Emulators instead of all of them on the same directory. I attached a screenshot here in case it can shed some light.
  4. Great summary, thanks a lot CDBlue. I'm following DOS76 advice and organizing the emulators hierarchically. These definitely will be present on this tree. I'll try as possible to alternate between the RA core and standalone to get my own impressions but the feedback from you guys its already helping to know the route to follow. Thank you all.
  5. Would like this feature as well. Only now I realized there are games an old collection on the web. Sync with the actual library status would be very handy.
  6. Gold tip. I should have done this from beginning but will reorganize this way now. Thank you.
  7. Kudos Lordmonkus! I really appreciate, that's gonna help me to clear some standalone emulators I downloaded for cores. Thank you.
  8. I'll definitely gonna take a look on these. Thank you so much damageinc86 for the detailed asnwer.
  9. Hi Lordmonkus, thank you for your input. Please don't get me wrong. Nothing against the suggestions. I just wanted to hear from experienced users like you that already tried extensively many different setups instead of trying every existing emulator. For instance you maybe feel that I should throw Final Burn Alpha standalone emulator on the trash and use some RA core instead. To know my setup, and every single emulator out there probably will take a long time... would be good to hear others experiences. Thank you
  10. Hey guys! Here it goes my extremely noob question, hope you can shed some light here. After long time using pre-built retropie images (dz omega, retrorama...) I upgraded my year LB license to lifetime and decided to start a collection from scratch. I got roms from different packs always prefering no-intro roms when possible. Included eXo beautiful DOS collection and other stuff. Sometimes when adding an specific platform LB suggest an emulator to be used, but for various platforms it doesn't (eg. Amstrad) and other times even with platforms I believe retroarch supports LB suggested other emulators like nestopia and ePSXe. In these cases I searched and/or downloaded many different emulators and now my .\Emulators folder seems so messed up with folders like Cemu, Demul, desmume... and so on. No problem at all as long as they are required. I just wanted to be sure that I'm not duplicating emulators that are already supported by RA. My question, finally... could you please enlighten me about what emulators I REALLY need besides RetroArch. In case of, for instance, not being supported on RA or being supported but not optimized like an dedicated emulator. Sorry the long post, I just wanted to be most clear as possible about my scenario. FWIW, my actual emulators folder: Cemul, Demul, desmume, ePSXe, Final Burn Alpha, FS UAE, Fusion, Mame, Nestopia, Project 64, RetroArch, VisualBoyAdvance-M, WinAPE20B2 and WinVice-3.1. Appreciate any input that help me understand better the mess I made here.
  11. It's pretty clear now. Thanks for your detailed answer. I didn't finished downloading yet. But I thought it was 200gb based on the-eye info header where it states to be 200gb. I tried to grab a screenshot now but I'm getting bad gateway there. Thank you again for everything.
  12. I understand. This collection is pretty new to me. For ages I had only used retropie with a few old but gold games. If I got it right exodos is a brand new compilation (3.11) and win3x0 available right now is under development and getting an update too right? Just curious, not interested in ETA. Edit: I'm getting exodos from the-eye with a side of 200gb. Is this right? Asking because I had the impression that previous compilation (2.0) was 300gb+.
  13. Thanks a lot eXo, I'm almost finishing the download and gonna do that. Is there any patreon, paypal or similar for a little contribution for your all hard work?
  14. Wondering the same. Appreciate if someone can shed some light on this.
  15. I follow you! For a long time I had dual boot just because of LB. Would be an amazing addition to *nix world.
  16. @Jason Carr, I'm happy already just knowing you're tempted. Just wanted to add that at the same time I would love to see LB on Linux an UWP port would be even more welcome. Since it's a single flavor (different from so many great and diverse linux distributions) and a platform already dedicated to gaming with its own controllers (less cusomizations to tweak) and a powerfull hardware. Maybe you could assess the effort required and consider a value on an crowfunding site like patreon. It will be the answer and contribution from the community if it does worth or not. I'll be on the queue and already with my fingercrossed. Thank you Jason!
  17. Yeah, i see your point and agree. it's a shoot in the dark. But, looking back, the amount I spent with raspberrys, PSU, SD card, retroflag case, controllers... Man, I'll give it a try any day. And for one I have already both LB (year, gonnar upgrade to lifetime) and Dev license acquired. So the only new spend would be for crowdfunding. Thank you for your input Neil.
  18. I guess it would need an effort to Port it to uwp. Retroarch for instance only confirmed after reach a certain goal on patreon crowdfunding. But since we're talking on dev mode and sideload apps does Microsoft needs to approve? I mean, I can even insert an Hello World there after pay the ~12usd fee to enable dev mode on my console. I'm case LB dev team decide to follow the same road I would be willing to contribute. Edit: Just to include another related app. Besides retroarch on early 2019 we have already for some time now the retrix project that also works on dev mode and emulates ~15 systems. But nothing feature rich and pretty like LB.
  19. Hi guys, With yesterday news from retroarch launching an xbox port (dev mode) on early 2019 I've been wondering, is it feasible to LaunchBox to do the same? Swiching between retail/dev mode to play new and retro games with the outstanding interface of LB would be amazing. Thank you,
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