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Missing games display on collection

Glauco Fox

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Given that every platform has a specific number of released games and that most of those platforms have already ceased to release new games, and granted that the launchbox already have a database with all that data, it would be nice if we could have a way to keep track of what we're missing in our collection based on official releases. It could work like that hearthstone book feature, where the boxes of the games you don't have would be displayed grayed out like the image below:


How do you guys feel about that?


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Sounds kinda cool. Hyperspin attempted to have a list (hyperlists) of what games there were and would tell you what was missing inside rocket launcher. Be nice to have something similar which tells you which games are missing based off what's currently in the launchbox database, even if its not as pretty looking as greyed out box art. 

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11 hours ago, zetec-s-joe said:

Using a similar idea to HyperList XMLs where you will have all Officially released USA titles (Plus Eur/Jap Exclusives) would be a nice feature yes, would be another good tool built in

I redid almost all HS lists.

Remove PROTO/BETA/UNL/TRANSLATED/ETC ... Only official games or released full.

I separated USA/JAP/EUR. Illogical to mix it up.



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Great idea, they are a good base but I dont see the need for the proto,beta,hack etc either

There are some duplicates in them also I have noticed like Chavez II for Genesis which is just a South American version of Boxing Legends

In an ideal world I'd use a list of official USA store releases, UK and maybeJap Exclusives

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