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  1. Wow, thanks for posting. Your first link for instructions is not working btw
  2. What!! I Just got together a full ROM set for this a few days ago waiting for the day an emulator comes out! posting this before reading I am that excited! lol having owned one myself when I was about 16 years old this is one of the last emus I was for. Is it activly being worked on and going to get better? wow
  3. I am patient to wait as long as it takes for the official startup/pause screen for this theme hope all well @viking
  4. Appreciate the uploads Wally, do you have anything planned for next project?
  5. then just for fun make a custom bezel that makes it tiny on your display XD
  6. Looks great guys, well done on porting it over
  7. Very good work, haven't really seen anything like this since James Baker left, was always a nice idea for Theme videos
  8. .pbp is great for PS1 games, and house multi disc games in a single file. great on space and also reversible if need be.
  9. Wow, zoombinis! Played this at school 21 years ago on Windows 95, it was probably the first PC game I had played. The Pizza level was the best one
  10. No - you will have to stick with XML/dat files like HyperList/no-intro/Redump etc for complete lists
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