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  1. I feel bad for not commenting for quite a long time, but your work is still amazing. Top stuff Lust
  2. Ahh, thanks for the info! I'll switch it back to OpenGL for now and try again in the future. AFAIK with Nvidia drivers OpenGL will be mostly the same as Vulkan anyway
  3. Hi everyone I have Cemu setup and working very well inside LB/BB, but my issue is when i change from OpenGL to Vulkan LB/BB fails to load games (work fine still outside of LB/BB) I get an error saying Error initializing Vulkan Renderor Again, all working fine outside of LB/BB
  4. Has anyone made a modified system view that looks the same as Games list view by any chance?
  5. same issue here, worked to begin with then just getting issues a second after launching a game. Hopefullythere is a fix? ❤️ @LukeUsher
  6. Damn, thanks for the reply and help much appreciated!
  7. Maybe where I have Sega Genesis instead of Mega Drive, but maybe a little bug for when you are back to work Enjoy your down time and hope your all safe, love this Theme
  8. This works after setting but then doesn't stick for me? any ideas
  9. CAnnot wait for your next release (when your ready!) Love this theme ❤️
  10. Theme used is by RetroHumanoid and is called 'Unified Refried' available in the Big Box Theme Manager
  11. To fix PCSX2 GUIs on shutdown screen just add the command --nogui to emulator setup in LuanchBox Sorted and looknig great!
  12. I fixed Dolphin showing any GUI screens when closing game by Enabling 'Hide all windows that are not in Exclusive Fullscreen Mode Tried many combos for PS2 with no luck or black screens?
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