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  1. I misread the original thead date due to the bumping, but I know Circo has been working hard on PSP so what i said stands aha
  2. Patreon only for a little while, but its fully playable - full speed ❤️ they released it on Halloween!
  3. Made up a 3D Box for newly playable Luigi's Mansion Arcade in Mr. RetroLust's awesome style. Also here is a Clear Logo.
  4. Cart - Front for the newly released Xeno Crisis on Sega Genesis Using Wally Wonka's awesome cartridge PSD and made to look exactly like the original cart (Mega Drive PAL art chosen as the game is made by a team in the UK) Enjoy
  5. Check the setup section here https://docs.libretro.com/library/dolphin/
  6. I would recommend taking a look at either the HyperList XML files (using a CRC matching tool like Don's Renamer) or 1G1R lists- will remove dupes etc.
  7. Only way currently is to make sure you have the correct naming convention which I am sure you do (no-intro/redump/hyperlist) and then to use the built-in audit tool to manually match any unmatched/mis-matched games.
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