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  1. Damn, that looks nice. Now if I could just be demanding and ask for a matching startup video/platoform catagory videos/platform clear logos/pause screens/startup screens/bezels for all systems that would be great Joking ofcourse! but this theme is so slick , the mock ups look amazing
  2. Congrats on the theme, looks beautiful, something very differnt for sure! the more themes for big screen TV's the better
  3. Thanks again for these @WallyWonka For people using the HyperSpin XML there is only Plane Crazy (Europe) left missing, I have searched everywhere for this and it must be the rarest game for the system. I can't even find it for sale anywhere in the World For those wanting to fill the gap I made this using Wally's tempate so it matches the rest, it loosly matches the boxart Add it to the pack if you wish @WallyWonka
  4. Personally use a Non Merged 0.212 set and got 2,817 games with all filters on, with it being non merged you dont need any extra files or bios either. There are still a few games that get through the filters, be sure to set region on import screen to world if doing this for most compatible roms for media
  5. not to go too off topic but... my ideal situation would be to have a built in checker similar to rocketlauncher where it lists what you have against a complete list. if only there was a reputable site that kept list for complete retail sets per system, but I dont think that will ever be a thing Also I'm not demanding anything, the current way is fine for now
  6. Well done on theme, looks really nice
  7. With what I suggested, the program will match them by CRC checking. you can then export a .txt file of missing games. you wouldnt have to rename any of your own files
  8. Thank you for your dedication to this project, really helpful program
  9. I've just had a look @Robin55 and cannot seem to recreate the same issue? If theres anythhing else you want to try I'll give it ago, but looking here and WPV both look the same green to me?
  10. Great idea, they are a good base but I dont see the need for the proto,beta,hack etc either There are some duplicates in them also I have noticed like Chavez II for Genesis which is just a South American version of Boxing Legends In an ideal world I'd use a list of official USA store releases, UK and maybeJap Exclusives
  11. Using a similar idea to HyperList XMLs where you will have all Officially released USA titles (Plus Eur/Jap Exclusives) would be a nice feature yes, would be another good tool built in
  12. Not a bad idea for an alternative great job
  13. I also use Don's Rom Renamer in conjuction with HyperList XML files, you do not need HyperSpin or anything else to use the program or selected XML.
  14. As if you read my mind! just finished that set up with the official HyperList XML Costs nothing to say thank you (Y)
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