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  1. zetec-s-joe

    RetroHumanoid Cinematics & Refried Theme

    That arcade machine ❤️ Glad its all getting sorted
  2. zetec-s-joe

    RetroHumanoid Cinematics & Refried Theme

    Hope the move is going/gone well! Can't wait any longer for those beautiful startup screens
  3. zetec-s-joe


    Great job on this, looks perfect!
  4. zetec-s-joe

    SirCamels Clear Logo Requests

    Thankyou so much seaview
  5. zetec-s-joe

    SirCamels Clear Logo Requests

    If someone could do these 3 that would be great, they are PSP Minis - the only 3 missing from RetroHumanoid's great pack he made Thanks guys
  6. YOu could try and mount it as a virtual drive then rip as bin/cue
  7. You can drag the whole set onto the .exe to do them all
  8. Maxcso doesnt take to long, you select which iso you want to convert and drag them over the .exe, its the highest form of cso as far as im aware, and pretty fast
  9. Search google for PS2 bin to ISO converter, it works flawlessy and runs very quickly, I have done this on my mission to convert them!
  10. wbfs I think is best for Wii maxcso app to convert PS2 to cso, great sizes and no extra index file like Chris mentions CHDv5 can be used on Dreamcast, Saturn, Sega CD, TG-CD, PCE-CD, PC-FX, Amiga CD32 and probably some others PSX can benefit from PBP as multi discs become one game I had converted my whole collection and was thinking of making a list like this with best apps for conversion etc
  11. zetec-s-joe

    SirCamels Clear Logo Requests

    I've been watching diskmach. Stunning work on £DS logos, if only you had time todo all systems haha
  12. zetec-s-joe

    Playstation 1 how many games?

    Latest HyperSpin set includes 1,700 games exactly (that is without counting Disc 2, 3 & 4))
  13. zetec-s-joe

    RetroHumanoid Cinematics & Refried Theme

    I havent merged it with the old one. Do I need to redownload the addon themes again? EDIT: Just read neil's post. sorry guys
  14. zetec-s-joe

    RetroHumanoid Cinematics & Refried Theme

    Maybe I am getting something wrong here I removed old Refried and pasted in 2.0 - now I have got the Dreamcast addon folder I was using before and copied images/views folder to Refried 2.0 folder and it just slightly broke Dreamcast theme, Before where I had Refried Refried Sega 32X Refried Sega CD Etc. all worked fine, not quite sure how I merge the previous addon themes to the all new all in one 2.0 Refried, im sure im doing something stupid, sorry RH
  15. zetec-s-joe


    Great work, this and Refried 2.0 coming, happy days