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  1. I think i messaged this seller also, must of been funny gettying multiple asks for cart pics haha
  2. I saw the same, great work. lazy publishers threw the same cart in both versions then
  3. I was totally wrong, good work BadFurDay
  4. wrong cart^ Well same game just the general european copy, just not alex furgeson version (UK)
  5. I have sent a message to someone regarding Alex Ferguson also
  6. Just dropping by to say I cannot believe your upto "G" already. Beautiful work!
  7. No rush with the 3DS case, just though to mention it as youlike to cover everything Good to see others setups 👍
  8. It is great to see so much love for Sega, great work - as always
  9. Only just got round to checking out your eShop boxes, great job Any chance of one missing? Rythm Heaven Megamix (USA) - the US version was an eShop exclusive (Heaven instead of Paradise used also)
  10. Thank you once again @seaview59
  11. @seaview59Any chance of having a go at this 3DS eShop logo currently not in the database Yumi's Odd Odyssey Cleanest I could find on Google
  12. If you know they key combo for the emulators save/load you can add them into the Pause Screens, this feature works very nicely
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