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  1. Now these are the sort of Projects I like! Welcome to the Forum and I'm intrested in seeing how this comes along
  2. Stunning work as always, love seeing the before and afters
  3. Jesus, viking! Hope your feeling better! Get well soon
  4. Well done and thank you RL, amazing work! Greatly appreciated the time you've put in here
  5. ahh so this is your personal set list and will have all your bezels match when finished mint, thank you for the list, can make your set now aha
  6. Cool no rush I'm not expert on bats, maybe someone else might be more useful - but here is a pretty straight forward guide I've used a long time ago https://www.techsupportalert.com/content/use-command-line-easily-create-list-your-personal-files-your-music-your-pictures-or-whatever
  7. After your done, please add a romlist/bat file and what versioon set you used to curate this set so we can all make a RetroLust MAME set 😍
  8. I was going to post yesterday before you mentioned the number left.. I was just going to say I could not believe you was near the end of "T". Honestly, what a great job you've done, insane work and you never stopped. Will be the best way to play Arcade games on the big screen ❤️
  9. Said before, but incredible work, love the before and afters
  10. Damn it! Saw you had posted and was praying for the 2.0! haha
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