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  1. the easiest wy for you I think would be to get the NES XML file from HyperList and Don's Renamer tool which will CRC match your roms to name them in the most common naming convention - the names have to be axact for the bezels to match up with our ROMs, and TBP have used and voted for the most common naming convention afaik
  2. Don's Renamer is still what I'm using for stuff life this - cannot go wrong
  3. I have always thought of no-intro to be the set to use for cartridge based systems, and Redump for CD based - But personally I just use the latest official HyperSpin XMLs for my collection atm until something else comes along. Planning on making my own XMLs in the future, but that is for another thread
  4. @dragon57 Just my opinion, but for now the most complete list would probably be SupraKarma's XML from HyperBase subsection of HyperSpin forum. it covers 387 games in total and he is pretty OCD about things, I can send you the file if needed for testing or anything (only if wanted ofcourse )
  5. IS there an Official link for the latest Windows installer yet? Because the latest Google Drive one is flagging up as a Virus, the version previous didnt have any issues While I am here.great work on the .exe - very good job EDIT: Ignore me, just went into Windows Defender and hit restore - Keep your version going dragon57
  6. zetec-s-joe

    PC Build Advice

    Also, you can get Genuine Win 10 Keys for like 12 bucks if you wasn't aware, just a heads up
  7. Any chance of being able to have pause set as a single key on a controller? Like the "Guide" button on an Xbox One controller, Pause menu is working well - I will try and get some emulators tested for reporting
  8. Glad your all settled (Y) And also, glag your Back! Can't wait to see what comes next for the theme, The startups will be great ❤️
  9. This is working perfectly for me @dragon57, great work! Is there anyone here who works on the bezels? I am not any good with artwork but I have the full set of Vectrex overlays if someone who works on them wants to update the ones missing overlays? PM me
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