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  1. I vote for option 3, tight but with color BG
  2. Tight gets my vote, also avoid showing title twice, its clean
  3. If box to cart/dissc ratio size can be per system, then this would be so good
  4. They are looking good, but I think I prefer this one without the logo on top
  5. This is a nice view, is it possible to see a mock up like thiss but with instead of 3, use 5 or 7 cover, at the risk of it looking cluttered, it may look quite nice
  6. Maybe a wallview like the POC, maybe if you can have left panel clean and color matched like your system view? I can picture it but not describe it as well
  7. Ok, I have the same problems on a Higher-End machine, you often drop to below 18fps when going fast through the wheels, no matter what your system is or total of games. It's been mentioned a lot here in the past
  8. Are we talking about the lag when skipping through wheels on Big Box or just the loading up times here?
  9. appreciate all your Unified goodness you've bought us, thank you
  10. Looking forward to see this project grow
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