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  1. Ok, thanks for clarifying. Might of misread a post in this topic saying portabiity was broken. my mistake. Keep up the awesome work Jason!
  2. Once the Stable release comes we will have lost portability??
  3. Yeah I could use Antimacro but just wondered if anyone figured out how to use the Citra option to map it
  4. Hi. With Citra core in RetroArch being broken in latest versions of RA (and not wanting to downgrade my build) I’ve opted to start using the standalone which in all fairness does feel slightly better performance wise. All setup and working great. Just cannot figure out the touch control options under configure controls. I was hoping to set pointer to Right stick with R3 as touch. Has anyone managed to get it configured without the use of a third party app like joytokey. Googled and no threads found about how to configure it thanks for reading
  5. I think i messaged this seller also, must of been funny gettying multiple asks for cart pics haha
  6. I saw the same, great work. lazy publishers threw the same cart in both versions then
  7. I was totally wrong, good work BadFurDay
  8. wrong cart^ Well same game just the general european copy, just not alex furgeson version (UK)
  9. I have sent a message to someone regarding Alex Ferguson also
  10. Just dropping by to say I cannot believe your upto "G" already. Beautiful work!
  11. No rush with the 3DS case, just though to mention it as youlike to cover everything Good to see others setups 👍
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