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Demul boots in some games with large scanlines


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  • 2 weeks later...

Go to config > video mode

If it's set to TV then change it to Auto, if that doesn't work then change to VGA  (you'll have to close demul and restart if for the changes to take effect)

If you've still got problems then without a game loaded, go to config > plugins and paths

Then change the video plugin from gpuDX11 to gpuDX11old

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  • 4 months later...

I have exactly the same problem, but only on some games, not all of them, but most. Tried changing settings over and over again, but nothing seemed to help so far. 

I think it depends on the region, as some had the "scanlines", downloaded the other version, can't remember which region, and that one worked. But settings are all on auto, and if I change the region, it still does the same error. 

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Ok, I run ReDream on most games anyway, only the ones not working in it I run with Demul.

What I found out now, out of the 10-12 games that don't run in ReDream, if I set the Demul.ini file to videomode = 1024, only 2 run with scanlines, the others just run fine, 1920, 1280 or 640 f.ex. give me scanlines in every game. I just still have no idea why this happens? 

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