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Hey guys,

I wanted to build an arcade machine for quite some time using Bigbox as the main Menu.

But I didn't have the tools to make a good arcade cabinet case.

Now I ordered a sitdown diy arcade flatpack (called "AE HYPER AIR32") from  Arcade Europe. It finally arrived yesterday and here is what I got:

DSCF3923.thumb.JPG.6d89806b717091d671b04ab8628db7b0.JPGDSCF3925.thumb.JPG.c37860d8c17c5dd7872d96d55f3d2877.JPGDSCF3927.thumb.JPG.ae603d5ca2dcb869355ec4e0fc5bdf88.JPGDSCF3929.thumb.JPG.a3afb93a3a24d417692b83ab8a047c1e.JPGReally great quality, no thin mdf, even on the backside. It came allready assembled (except for the round top and 2 doors that hide the shelves on the lower part of the machine)

and also is really heavy. Had to carry it up to the third floor. Glad my janitor helped me, but still I was done for the day after that 🤣


Tomorrow, I will start the painting process which will take quite a while, I just hope I don't mess up 😨

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Slowly getting everything primed while making the best of what little room I have on my balcony:


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