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Sync Launchbox Setup to Another PC


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I currently have Launchbox on my primary desktop,  as well as my Arcade Cabinet.   I have been living with configuring the Arcade PC with TeamViewer, but ideally I would like to be able to do the following:

1) Add / Edit Systems to LB on my desktop PC

2) "Sync" this configuration / setup to my Arcade PC without having to reconfigure this on that PC

I am thinking about using a tool (I have GoodSync) to sync the LB directories, but I wanted to see if that will cause known problems, or if it should just "work"

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If you're working with just the LaunchBox directories there shouldn't be any issues syncing the two as LaunchBox is portable.

The issues come about with emulators.  Some will store data in your c:\Users\name\AppData  or even  \Documents folders.  Also if you use different drive letters for LB and emulators between the 2 PC's, that may become an issue.

Now if you're adding systems to an emulator already setup like RetroArch, Sync would work.  Same as with adding metadata and media.

If you don't already own GoodSync, one I like using is FreeFileSync.  Does a great job, has good features and is continually updated.


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Thanks.  I mostly want to sync the LB directory, and I have the drive paths identical, so that should work. 

I have my emulators in a separate directory and mostly use retro arch so I think after the initial setup I should be good there as well based on what you stated.  

Thanks for the help. 

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QQ, how did you handle the different screen resolutions on desktop vs cabinet? I am trying to get a true sync with my desktop and HTPC launchbox and games etc. are synced great through goodsync but resolution specific settings--say tweaks to make a game play area fit in bezel/overlay correctly gets messed up with teh different resolutions between machines. I have to manually tweak anything not just set to 4:3.

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