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Android Launchbox - how to delete all games in a platform on phone and start over with it?


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Due to moving the folder my roms are in and re-importing some of them, I have some dupes, some work, some don't...it's a mess...rather than delete from phone individually in Launchbox via press down menu, is there another way to just start over and have LB scan a folder to add only 1 instance of a game? (in this case NES)?

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1 hour ago, Jason Carr said:

You can delete platform-by-platform by long-pressing on the platform and selecting delete. Is that what you're looking for?

I don't want to permanently delete it, I just want to re-do it with no games...add my games again from the correct phone folder.... If I delete the NES platform for example, it warns me this is permanent...will I lose that category on my LaunchBox Android phone and not be able to get it again?

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On 12/30/2019 at 2:57 PM, DOS76 said:

Logically would be that the program wouldn't block you from recreating the platform again as why would it logically be programed to do something like that.

Logically maybe somebody hates a specific platform and never wants to see it listed again in their installation; hence "permanent".  I think that's more than reasonable of an assumption given the language used.

 Anyways, I have my answer.

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